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Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat

Do you remember the scene in the first “Harry Potter” movie where they sorted the kids into different houses?  I ask because I just closed my beginners foundation WordPress class. Then I realized that either the timing was not right for you, or that you may already have a WordPress site and  you don’t need the beginner WordPress training. So…Do You Already Have A WordPress Website?  If yes then go here and take 30 seconds and tell me your WordPress website domain name so I can help you improving your WordPress site: If no, you don’t have a WordPress site, then go here to...

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How to Open a Website Hosting Account with Blue Host

Have you been wondering how to open a website hosting account so you can build your own website?  Well choosing the right website hosting provider is one of the most important steps you need to take when building a WordPress website. I get questions about website hosting from my students — both novice and advanced WordPress users — all the time! Hosting your site with the right company can in fact make your life so much easier as you build and maintain your WordPress site. Here are some things to consider. Is the hosting company WordPress-friendly? A WordPress-friendly hosting...

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Enrollment is Now Open for the Website Creation Workshop Winter 2018 Program

Registration for the Winter 2018 Website Creation Workshop is open till January 16, 2018! Info can be found here: All offered online (You can use your computer/phone to go through and participate.), you will learn how to create a website by yourself (without a webmaster!) using self-hosted WordPress in this online training program. WordPress is a great website platform that is easy to maintain, works well for search engines, and is perfect for blogging, too. But best of all, it allows you to create a beautiful website without special webmaster skills. And I’ll show you how you can...

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Free Webinar: The Simple Truth about Succeeding Online in 2018

Have you been looking for the simple truth about building an online business? You know, marketing your business online is not as complicated as it looks. In fact, it’s pretty simple! Sounds too good? But it is true… And it makes me sad to see many business owners not being able to take that first step to start letting the world know about what they offer using many online tools, only because they believe online marketing is very complicated. Is that you? I understand why you might be feeling that way. With so much information coming from all directions, even thinking about...

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Open a Bluehost Account

Steps on how to open a website hosting account with Bluehost

How to Update WordPress

How to Update WordPress