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What is Evergreen Content?

When creating content for your website or blog, it’s good to have “Evergreen Content” that you can reuse and repackage. This article explains what “Evergreen Content” is, and gives you ideas of where you can use it in your business and website.

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What is a Cookie?

Have you ever been to a website, and a box popped up asking you to “Accept Cookies?” In this article, Christina Hills provides a simplified explanation of cookies and their purpose, how to enable to disable cookies or your browser, and give a few cookie plugin resources for your website.

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Do You Have a “Call to Action” on your Website?

You may have heard the term “Call to Action” before, but weren’t quite sure what it meant or how it applied to you. Well in this article I’ll explain what it means and why it’s important for your business. In addition, I’ll give you ideas on how you can improve your website so that it has a clear “Call to Action”.

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“I highly recommend Christina’s course – and have to many, many people!”

I have been a member of Christina Hills’ community for three years now. I have appreciated her clear and understandable teaching. Christina’s lessons are very step by step so that anyone can follow them – even with NO website experience. Her process has been refined so that you just need to follow the process. You do not get lost down the many, many rabbit holes in WordPress or building a website. Her course is well organized and easy to navigate.
I recently purchased a Pinterest course from a “big name” and was shocked how sparse the information was and how much she assumed you knew. Christina is NOT like this. Her course is stellar if you want to build your own website.
Depending on the amount of time you have, you could build it quickly, or it could take you more time. It also depends what you are trying to build. My site is fairly complicated with two kinds of blog posts – one to support my podcast and one for the recipes. I have many pictures for each recipe. But with Christina’s help and that of her team, it is built and out in the world!!
I highly recommend Christina’s course – and have to many, many people.
Cindy Sullivan

“Couldn’t be happier with my outcome!”

I, like so many, had become frustrated by the cost and the amount of time it was taking to have my site updated by other people. Even though my time is at a premium I decided to take on the task of rebuilding my own site through the Website Creation Workshop.
First, I was excited by how simple it was once I understood some of the basics, which Christine does an excellent job in teaching. From there it was a matter of following the step by step program, referring to the videos for each lesson and watching my website take form. Couldn’t be happier with my outcome and with the knowledge I have to continue tweaking my site as needed.
Jim Phillips

“I have found you and your staff to be some of the best in the industry!”

One of the things I love about you and your company Christina, is that you run it from an abundant loving place, like you’re caring for your fellow human. Along with all your brilliant teaching skills, you make it easy to want to stay connected to you, Christina, because you have built in the space for people to be human and change their mind or go through hard things and you support us in that.

I have found you and your staff to be some of the best in the industry to work with when issues come up. I appreciate this about you and it’s what will keep me coming back!

Carla H. Brown

“Christina Hills’ Website Creation Workshop course is The Best online course I’ve ever taken!”

Christina Hills’ Website Creation Workshop course is The Best online course I’ve ever taken! Here’s why: It’s way more than information-packed (which it is). It took me, step-by-step, to create my own website in a way that was thorough, and easy to understand, and supportive, and encouraging, and easy to follow … AND FUN!

Yes, there’s a learning curve, but after the first few modules, I was having FUN being creative, building my very own website exactly how I wanted it. I’m thrilled with the result, and I’m excited to show off my new site to a new and wider audience!

Kathryn Gillett

“Super big thank you to Christina!”

After following Christina Hills online for a while I found her instruction to be very thorough, and honest in approach, so I decided to give the Website Creation Workshop a try. It happened at a time when I was struggling with another web designer, again, a grand total of four designers over a period of 15 years!!! I couldn’t be happier to not have to make those angry, frustrated calls anymore. Seriously!

Aside from things typically taking way too long, if they were even done, creative differences tended to be a problem for me as well. “What do you mean you don’t want to do that?” I find myself repeating over and over for things like “Why is the site not mobile responsive?”….. Never again!

Super empowering to not be subjugated to the will of another. With my vision, and the skills I’ve learned, I can build what I want, and change/modify it when I see fit, or necessary. Super big thank you to Christina and the WCW team for helping me get here!

Pat Magrath

“I would recommend the Website Creation Workshop to anyone who wants to gain the freedom of building their own online presence!”

I am very grateful for Christina and her team to develop such a wonderful and useful course!

The workshop is so well-organized that a non-technical person like me can learn and master at my own pace. It teaches almost anything you can think of while building a website. I also had chances to ask my own questions and get answers on live calls. I feel so empowered that I can put up my own beautiful websites, and produce content that I want to share with the world.

I love the precious “real estate” on the Internet that belongs to me, instead of building on the rented land such as social media. I used to work with web developers on websites, it’s very time consuming with numerous back-and-forth emails and calls on any design idea or change, let alone the cost, time delay, and headache associated with it.

I would recommend the Website Creation Workshop to anyone who wants to gain the freedom of building their own online presence. I did it in four months with about an hour a day. It is an incredibly freeing experience to learn from Christina. Thank you!

Aileen Fan

“I have gained skills and confidence in designing my own site!”

Christina and her team have finessed the tricky balance between challenge and encouragement through an on-line platform allowing for even the most technically-challenged entrepreneur to be successful with developing their own website. I have gained skills and confidence in designing my own site – and now maintaining it — all while having fun! I’m so glad I found you when I did.

Sandra Jenvey

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I joined the workshop in Spring 2019 and I completed a website for my husband’s music business. It is not perfect, but at the moment it is enough for our purposes. Of course it will grow and change alongside our business.
I agreed to help my husband to publish his music (stuck indoors, Covid and all…) Suddenly, I acquired a very clear vision where I wanted to go and now we not only have a website, but have also gained a verified and approved artist status on Spotify and YouTube – In three short months ? and this is really just the beginning. And you helped with a very important piece – building a foundation, our house on the web.
I wanted to say thank you for providing a very comprehensive resource that helped me to overcome “it is not enough” syndrome and to create my first ever working WordPress website. You gave me enough confidence to finish and publish it.
Thanks a million. You are awesome!
Neris Gallo

“I’m so grateful to Christina Hills and the Website Creation Workshop!”

I’m so grateful to Christina Hills and the Website Creation Workshop. My professional passion is all about empowering the individual – and the Website Creation Workshop certainly fits that bill as well. After several ‘store bought’ websites and feeling terribly dependent upon my web designers, it’s so empowering to be able to handle any issues that come up, to have the Website Creation Workshop as a resource if I run into any issues I can’t solve on my own, and to be able to tinker with my design and wording to my heart’s delight without having to wait in line to get it implemented by someone else, and racking up a big bill for every tweak I want to make.

I have loved this process of learning to be an independent designer, user and modifier of my own website. I’m so grateful that I was able to go away for a period of time while ‘life happened’ and come back and pick up where I left off with ease, thanks to a little help from you all. I’m very grateful to you for providing this service.

Reba Linker

“I love my new site and I feel very proud of myself for pushing through my anxiety to learn so many new skills!”

Christina’s methodical and detailed approach to teaching WordPress is amazing! I had been afraid of WordPress before joining the WCW!! But Christina and her team make it all feel manageable, one step at a time.

I love my new site and I feel very proud of myself for pushing through my anxiety to learn so many new skills. There is no way I could have done it (or would have had the nerve to try) without Christina Hills and the WCW. Thank you so much!!

Joanie Nicholas

“I highly recommend The Website Creation Workshop!”

I’m so very grateful to Christina Hills and her fantastic team for empowering me to create and manage my website. Her explanations are clear, up to the minute. They provide not only of the necessary technical information, but also a nice dose of encouragement and strategy as well, which makes it possible for even a technophobe like myself to accomplish this project.

In addition, the structure of her course and continued support allowed me to go at my own pace, which was absolutely necessary for me. I highly recommend The Website Creation Workshop!

Reba Linker

“I am not a technically savvy person. And I just completed a gorgeous website that I’m really pleased with!”

“I am not a technically savvy person. And I just completed a gorgeous website that I’m really pleased with! Christina’s WCW is extremely well organized and detailed. Even I could follow it with ease! I feel empowered, because the world of websites is no longer a big mystery. What a wonderfully surprising silver lining.”

Taira Restar

“I’m honored to be one of Christina Hills students!”

I want to deeply thank you Christina Hills and Team for the outstanding quality of the program and the kind and helpful assistance I received all along my Website Creation Workshop journey. I will keep being and attached member of Christina Hills Community and I’m honored to be one of her students.

Cecilia Roger

“Your course was very thorough and provided so much content, but in a very organized and feasible way.”

I came to this course for 3 reasons. 
1) I paid an exorbitant sum for what I expected to be a top quality website. It was never completed properly and used Block Editor so I could not make changes myself. It also used a pricey paid theme that I felt was used simply because the web designer was trained only in that theme. This company’s server was hacked and they did not realize for 2 months! Only realized they could not fix this and would have to start from scratch after another 2 months!! And then they kept making other mistakes like using an email they made up instead of my real email address for the contact page. After my site being down for 6 months a mere 3 months after it went up, I wanted to fix my site right, by myself.
2) I would like to give online courses and create a new website for that.
3) I have a blog site that needed better security from people trying to put spam in the comments. Your course was very thorough and provided so much content, but in a very organized and feasible way, when it could have easily been overwhelming. I may not be your picture of a success story since the work you saw was a conglomeration of my different sites, but I was able to apply everything you taught, even moving my site myself to a new holding site.
Anything I struggled with, you and your support team were very responsive and helped resolve all issues quickly. 
Chanie Monoker

“Christina provides a wealth of information in a clear, concise, practical and fun manner!”

Christina provides a wealth of information in a clear, concise, practical and fun manner. I tried to do my own WordPress website and ended up frustrated and with unsatisfactory results. After attending a free webinar about the Website Creation Workshop, I knew immediately that she was an excellent teacher, presenter and a person of heart.

I am so thrilled with my new website and my ability to control and grow my content over time. I ran into some challenges along the way, but Christina and her team were there every step of the way. That is a sign of a great teacher! Thank you Christina and I look forward to continuing the journey with you in other workshops.

Debra Duwe

“The Website Creation Workshop has been extraordinarily helpful and made it fun to build a website!”

The Website Creation Workshop has been extraordinarily helpful and made it fun to build a website – and in a shorter time than expected. Building a website used to be something I dreaded, but knew that I had to take care of as a new online entrepreneur. I feel proud of what I have accomplished, and empowered to maintain and improve the site on an ongoing basis. Thank you so much Christina and team!

Susanna Grinsvall

“I can officially say that I am in business worldwide!”

I am new to the business world, especially online, and to be successful I knew that I needed some sort of guidance. I took my wife’s advice and signed up for the Christina Hills Website Creation Workshop class.
From day one I decided to wholeheartedly commit and do whatever Christina said to do and that was, to keep on moving and not get stuck with details in the early stages of the program and that is exactly what I did.
I blew through modules 1 through 6 in a matter of days and at this point I could see clearly where my site was going in terms of theme and content.
Thanks to some epic advice from Christina, I successfully completed and launched my website in a matter of days.
Thank you Christina and the Team!  I must say that you guys are awesome and now I can officially say that I am in business worldwide!
Rakesh Ramoutar


Christina’s Website Creation Workshop was FANTASTIC! As a graphic designer, I know how to make things look pretty! But I learned so much more about building an interesting and effective website.

Christina teaches at a pace that is slow and powerful, so all of the details have time to soak in. I highly recommend, and do to all of my entrepreneur friends, Christina’s training. It is EMPOWERING! Thanks!

Lynne Baum

“Christina instills confidence and independence in her students.”

I decided the new skill I’d learn during Covid lockdown would be web design, and I couldn’t have chosen a better teacher and program than the Website Creation Workshop. Christina Hills is a teacher’s teacher ( I say that as a teacher!) She has tremendous facility teaching technical skills and breaking them down in a simple, non-overwhelming process that is actually fun, especially to a non-technical audience. She is logical as well as creative in the perfect balanced combination. She understands creative multi-faceted people who are working with more than one niche, yet provides structure and sound advice at the same time. I have taken almost all of her different programs at this point, and each one has delivered far beyond my expectations.
Above all, Christina instills confidence and independence in her students so that a non-technical solo entrepreneur can manage their own online presence independently without stress, multiple contractors or overwhelm. This newfound freedom, confidence and independence to be able to update my websites anytime I want on my own timeline is absolutely priceless. I’ve even noticed benefits outside the class, in that I am more eager to tackle complex technical things a lot more lately because of my overall increased technical skills.
Last but not least, Christina’s support team is absolutely amazing. They are the nicest group of ladies who went above and beyond on so many occasions to help me go live on schedule. You guys are the best. I highly recommend the Website Creation Workshop to anyone who wants to gain full mastery and independence over their websites and online presence. Thanks Christina, and thank you to the wonderful Website Creation Workshop team!
Laura Kessler

“If it weren’t for the Website Creation Workshop, I might still not have a website up and running!”

If it weren’t for the Website Creation Workshop, I might still not have a website up and running! Christina goes through things step by step so that you not only know what buttons to click, but why.

The knowledge will continue to be helpful so that even if I have someone else manage updates on my website, I can easily go in and make quick changes myself and will understand what I’m asking someone else to do. This was a great way to get myself going!

Kim Barnes

“I have a website I love!”

If you told me 6 months ago I would be designing and managing my own website – I would not have believed you. For years I had people to manage my site and they never got it quite right and it was too expensive to keep having them make those changes to get it right. Now, I have a website I love and I can make changes and keep it current without the huge cost of paying someone else.
Thank you, Christine and Team – you have all be fabulous and the training and support from the Facebook Group have gone over and above what I could have ever imagined. Thank you and I am looking forward to managing my own website!
Jackie Kloosterboer

“I am glad to have taken a chance on this course and am so happy to have completed this website!”

I have attempted to learn WordPress many times with online tutorials, and continued to hit “roadblocks” where I couldn’t figure out how to move forward.

With the Website Creation Workshop, I was able to understand how WordPress works so much more clearly and was able to ask critical questions when needed. I am glad to have taken a chance on this course and am so happy to have completed this website – one that I hope will be the first of many more!

Maria Moyser

“Thank God I found Christina and her team!”

WOW! I can’t believe I created my own website! When I began this journey I was not sure I could really do it. After years of having paid others to create and maintain a website, I thought I might be getting in over my head. Thank God I found Christina and her team!

They have a fantastic program that allows you to move at your own pace and ask questions along the way. Everything is beautifully put together and well thought out. I think this is the only way I could’ve accomplished this. I did the work knowing someone was there to patiently guide and support me when I needed it. Thanks to Christina and her team for a putting together this beautiful program.

Nancy Duke

“I never thought I would be this happy with a website!”

I never thought I would be this happy with a website! I was stuck between paying AT LEAST $5000 for someone else to create a good website vs. creating a website myself that I wouldn’t really like. I didn’t want to pay that much, but I knew that I didn’t have the expertise to create even a bad website.

But with Christina’s Website Creation Workshop, I produced something that I am proud of and that is constantly getting me compliments! The step-by-step process is very straightforward and easy. Christina has “game-a-fied” the creation process so you see yourself making progress as you go. Not only do I love my site, but I’ve been able to even help some other people because of the training I’ve received!

Steven Cooper

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