photographerWe all want our websites to be pretty and professional, don’t we?

The quickest way to make your website look attractive is to use great images. They also help set the tone of your site, grab your website visitors’ attention, emphasize your points, and do so much more.

While there are many services that you can purchase great professional stock photos for a fee, the cost could add up if you need to purchase lots of images.

Thankfully, I’ve started seeing more and more free stock photo services. Below, I’ve listed my top 7 FREE stock photo resources. Hope this list will help you find the perfect images you’ve been looking for!

1. Pixabay (


Pixabay’s photo collection at this point doesn’t seem as big as Morguefile, but the quality of many of their photos make it worth to visit their site when you are looking for “wow” images.

2. Morguefile (

    Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 3.29.42 PM 

Their photo collection is quite big, and I also like the easy search function. When you click on a photo, you’ll also see the terms of use very clearly.

3. Pexels (


They don’t seem to supply their own photos, but pull in variety of free photos from various sites. Each photo clearly shows the original source along with the usage term, which is very handy.


4. Wikimedia Commons (


Mentioned a celebrity in your blog post? It’s normally very difficult to find an image of famous people/celebrity that’s not tightly protected by copyright. This is a great place to go to find such image that you can use (often with attribution).

5. Unsplash (


Although they don’t provide any easy way to search for a photo, their photos are gorgeous and great to browser through for inspiration. All photos are in high-resolution. All public domain images.

6. 1 Million Free Pictures (


Another place where I often come across with very unique, artsy images. All public domain photos!

7. Stocksnap (


Easy to search, and when there are many images that fit your search term, you can use handy sort tools they provide. All public domain images.

(Always remember to check the terms of any website to see how they allow you to use the images provided)

Please feel free to share your favorite resources in the comment section below!

Here’s to your creativity!