Well, I have to say, “good riddance to 2021!” It was a rough year for me with two deaths in my family (not Covid), on the heals of my father dying in late 2020.  You also may have faced challenges this year, I don’t think anyone escaped it. In short, I’m looking forward to a better 2022! 

So I’ve spent this week looking at different areas of my life and what I want to change. Part of starting a new year is taking time to plan out my business and personal activities for each day, week, and month.  And this post is about using Google Calendar to plan!

Top 3 Reasons I Love Google Calendar

1) Simple but Powerful

One of my favorite planning tools is Google Calendar. It’s free and easy to get started.  While simple to use, it also has features that allow for more complex planning. It’s similar to WordPress in that way. You can use the features that work for you, and not worry about the rest. 

2) It’s Stored Online

Another reason I love Google Calendar is that it’s stored online (in the “cloud”). You can update your calendar from your desktop, your laptop, or your mobile phone. Now you won’t have to worry about losing or misplacing a paper planner (like I did one year).

3) Set Up Multiple Calendars

Finally, the multiple calendars feature helps me organize all the moving parts in my life. You can set up as many calendars as you want – business, personal, team projects, editorial, appointments, training, etc.  Then, change the setting to view all or just a few of these calendars. Plus, you can select certain calendars to share with team members and family. 

Watch How to Use Google Calendar to Plan Your 2022

(Go here to get a full list of what is included in this Google Calendar training video)

Works Great on Your Smartphone too!

One final benefit of Google Calendar is that it works great on your mobile device too. I use Google Calendar on my iPhone all the time. Download the app on your iPhone or Droid and view your calendar from wherever you are. This makes it easy to review your day or week in the morning or while you’re running errands. Google Calendar even works when you’re on an airplane with no data or wifi connection.

Google Calendar makes it easy (and free) to:

  • google calendar app iconCheck your calendar from anywhere in the world
  • Make quick updates from your mobile device
  • Have multiple calendars for business and personal activities
  • Have multiple calendars for business and personal activities
  • Share your calendar with your friends, family, or business team
  • Set up reminders via email, popup, or text
  • Integrate with many online booking software platforms

Final Thoughts on Planning:

One thing these last couple of years have taught many of us is that life can throw us some unexpected curveballs. It doesn’t always work out as planned. However, the process of setting plans and goals in our personal and business plans is cathartic. It’s an important action step towards leading a purposeful and intentional life. 

Take some time now to start planning your 2022. You can use any calendar planning tool, but I’ve found in my 18 years of using Google Calendar is that it’s the best one out there. This free tool may help you stay organized in your business and personal life like it has for me.

The video I shared is from training I have in my Website Marketing Workshop. If you have a WordPress website already and want to be part of my Marketing Workshop, go here to find arrowout more https://www.WebsiteMarketingWorkshop.com/

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