Woo Hoo! The Website Creation Summer Camp 2022 is coming!

In this easy 6-week program I’ll teach you how to create your own WordPress website. Registration for this Summer Program starts next week!

Here are some details:

What?Website Creation Workshop Quick Summer Program: A 6-week online training series

The Website Creation Workshop Quick Summer Program is a 6-week online course that takes you through the process of creating your own website without a webmaster.

Using the WordPress software you’ll learn how to create a blog or a website that is easy to update, great for the search engines, and does NOT require webmaster skills. You’ll learn hands-on by having your own “student project” WordPress website installed for you.

Who?Christina Hills (your teacher/mentor/coach)

Why? – To have the freedom and control to create and update websites yourself without having to rely on a busy webmaster

When? –  Live Webinar Interactive Q&A Webinars will be on June 24th, June 28th, July 6th, July 12th, July 20th, and July 26th. 

Where? – All Online! From the comfort of your home or office, you listen on the phone or computer and watch online. We meet via Webinars. Plus online mini videos, online study guides (PDF), an interactive classroom, plus a WordPress Website installed for you so you can get started learning WordPress immediately.

How? – You will learn through step-by-step online lessons, walking you through creating your website with WordPress. No technical skills are required. Each week of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions in the live Q&A webinars.

How much? – Price details and registration link will be released as soon as it’s ready. Space will be limited so register as soon as it opens.

Stay Tuned…


Summer Chair icon courtesy of visualpharm.com

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