Have you ever wondered what a TweetUp is?  Well simply put, it’s just a way for people to gather together for a social event, by inviting them via Twitter!  WIth Social Media, it’s very easy to get the word out about your event or function (or just a group of friends getting together)

Remember being  invited to a party with Evite.com?  It’s a free program by Yahoo that let’s you throw a party and invite your friends via email.   Well with Social Media we have  TwtVite.com . It’s similar to Evite.com but it’s much easier to spread the word about your event with Social Media.  You can use both Twitter and Facebook to tell folks about your event.

Here is a short video by the developer  of Twtvite by Felipe Coimbra (@twtvite on Twitter)

If you live in San Diego, I’m organizing a Tweetup tomorrow night, go here to find out more http://www.twtvite.com/hardrockbar

If you are not following me on Twitter, then just Follow me here http://www.Twitter.com/christinahills

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