Students in my Website Creation Workshop come from various backgrounds and industries. Their goals and experiences lead them on a journey to build a website that’s right for them. In this post, I feature some of my Business Coach students who have built impressive websites that support their coaching practice.

Your Website Tells the World Who You Are

If you’re a business coach, it’s important to have a website that effectively conveys who you are and who you serve. It’s a place to showcase your coaching expertise, experience, style, and personality. Your website enables you to attract the right kind of clients who can benefit from your services.

Many business coaches branch out into other areas – selling products, running an online course, providing useful resources, speaking engagements online and in person. With a website you’ve designed and built yourself, it’s easy to scale your WordPress website as your coaching business grows!

Ideas to Incorporate on Your Website

Testimonials: Do you have testimonials from those who have worked with you? Show them on your site to help people to get a feel for what it’s like to work with you!

Scheduling: Make it easy for people to book a discovery or coaching call with you by incorporating a scheduling tool into your website.

About You: A potential client wants to know who you are. Remember, the about page is often the most visited page on a website! Click here to read the Five Things your ‘About’ Page Should Have.

A Few Websites of Business Coach Students in the Website Creation Workshop:

Take a look at these 5 websites created by my business coach students. I think what they did will inspire you.


Tomas Nani

Tomas Nani Website

“I feel like I have a strong working knowledge of WordPress!”

Tomas Nani

Thank you! Your course has been very informative and helpful. I feel like I have a strong working knowledge of WordPress!

Tomas Nani


Debra Austin

Debra Austin Website

“Great workshop!”

Great workshop! Gave me the tools and confidence to build a website I am proud to own.

Debra Austin


Steven Cooper

Steven Cooper website

“I never thought I would be this happy with a website!”

I never thought I would be this happy with a website! I was stuck between paying AT LEAST $5000 for someone else to create a good website vs. creating a website myself that I wouldn’t really like. I didn’t want to pay that much, but I knew that I didn’t have the expertise to create even a bad website.

But with Christina’s Website Creation Workshop, I produced something that I am proud of and that is constantly getting me compliments! The step-by-step process is very straightforward and easy. Christina has “game-a-fied” the creation process so you see yourself making progress as you go. Not only do I love my site, but I’ve been able to even help some other people because of the training I’ve received!

Steven Cooper


Tim Cox

Tim Cox website

“Christina definitely over-delivered!!”

WOW! What an experience. Until I took Christina’s course, I would get knots in my stomach thinking about working on a website. It was so intimidating because I am not tech savvy at all.

Today I feel empowered and I actually enjoy working on my websites! I am a learner by doing type of person and that’s exactly how Christina structures her course, lots of doing in a way that is logical and structured. And the support is incredible. Kudos to her Team!! There is so much content in the course that I always found answers to questions or problems through the search feature.

Christina definitely over-delivered!! Thanks Christina!

Tim Cox


Sheri Vancecareermeetspurpose website

“I highly recommend the Website Creation Workshop to learn the steps to create websites.”

The Website Creation Workshop took me step by step in creating a new website for my husband’s business. I had no experience in website development. I followed the steps, learned the terminology, used the resources provided and was successful in creating his website as well as several more for organizations in which I am involved.

The workshop gave me the confidence to build from scratch and experiment with different ideas people would request. The workshop notebook has become a valued reference tool! I highly recommend the Website Creation Workshop to learn the steps to create websites. It is very fulfilling to see a finished product!

Sheri Vance

You can do this too!

In the Website Creation Workshop, you can create, build, and manage your own website for a fraction of the cost of what a web designer would charge.

...Even if you're a non-techie business coach.

The business coaches who created the above sites don't have any special website-building background. However, they can now share their coaching businesses with the world using the websites they built themselves! 

Interested in doing the same for yourself? I can help you with my Website Creation Workshop!

Already have a WordPress website?  Check out my Website Marketing Workshop Program here


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