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“Everything you’ve taught me has really helped me to take my work to the next level.”

Lisa Michaels

Last night I heard from Cheryl Richardsen from Hay House and my ‘Love and Fear’ video is one of two winners from their Boston Movers and Shakers event. When she called one of the things she said is how wonderful my website looks (which is now over 100 pages). Because of winning this, I get to do a live teleseminar for Hay House.

Here is my video http://www.youtube.com/user/NaturalRhythms#p/a/u/1/-y8SpYvbCbA

Christina your class helped me so much. I would not have been ready for this without EVERYTHING I learned from you. I learned how to put a youtube video up from you. Everything you’ve taught me has really helped me to take my work to the next level. From the bottom of my heart Thank You.


“I now have 4 (websites) up and running…”

Bill Blake

The credit is yours! I now have 4 (websites) up and running; plus a newsletter that has just gone live; plus a portal site in the works; plus two others currently in the works! But it is not just the websites. Thanks to you we have a shopping cart up and running and we have recruited a super, super Virtual Assistant from your roster! This after having thrown away some $30,000+ in Webmaster fees for nothing I was satisfied with! Is it any wonder I sing your praises? All the best!


“Christina is an amazing teacher…I highly recommend that you check this out”

Hi, I’m Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of RedHotCopy and the SheFactor, and I’ve got to tell you one of the secrets that I’ve learned very recently. It’s from my friend Christina Hills, and it’s this amazing program that I took called the Website Creation Workshop. You know things are changing now, right, in the Internet as far as how to reach people, how to get higher search rankings. So many things that are different than they were just even a few years ago. Well, Christina knows what those are as far as building your own website, having website freedom, and being able to create the container of what your marketing message is and how you get it out to people. And let’s face it, if you’re not on the Internet, if you’re not online, you don’t have a good presence–you’re not going to be respected. You’re not going to have the credibility that you need.

Christina is an amazing teacher! She puts way more time into training then I think she should. I can’t believe how much personal time she actually adds, and how much I have learned, and how taken care of I’ve felt as her student. How much I’ve improved my own control over my websites and my blogs and all my Internet presence. So, I highly recommend that you check this out.



“Christina’s very thorough course gave me total insight into what could be done with a WordPress blog.”

Camille Gaines

Christina’s very thorough course gave me total insight into what could be done with a WordPress blog. I had no idea before I took the course just how extensive WordPress is. The best part is that it enabled me to have a website built using WordPress, rather than a complete custom site, which would have cost much more. I also learned how simple landing pages could be, after wondering about them for years! Most importantly, it helped me clarify what skills I needed to seek in hiring someone to build and manage my site. Once it was done, it was simple for me, a “non-techie”, to post blogs and make small changes to the site. Thanks, Christina!



“The Q&A sessions are designed to help you find the answers – thus reinforcing your learning.”

Bill Blake  

I enrolled in this course because I had reached my limit of frustration with Webmasters who did not do what I wanted them to do and left me with a finished product over which I had very little control. I completed this course, enrolled for more coaching and will certainly continue with the next course – because this is a field that is constantly changing or evolving. And that basically is the value of Christina’s instruction. She encourages you to experiment, to try different things in a safe environment and find the solution to the problem. She does not pretend that she knows everything, but she can and will lead you to the answer. When I started that course, I knew very little and HTML and CSS were simply acronyms for gibberish. Now I am not an expert, but they no longer scare me and I can pinpoint where my error is and the odds are that I can correct it. I simply would not believe how much I have learned in this my first Website Creation Workshop.

Christina’s style of teaching is experiential! She will encourage you, and lead you to try different things in the safety of a practice environment. The Q&A sessions are designed to help you find the answers – thus reinforcing your learning. It is NOT a case of giving you a quick answer from on high, which you will forget 30 seconds later! She also is reinforced by a highly competent staff that are also quick to render whatever assistance you require. And she will recommend other professionals that can help you for things that you would prefer to delegate. I cannot speak too highly of my experience with Christina as a teacher and a coach. She has earned and merits our highest recommendation.


“I would recommend it (Website Creation Workshop) to anyone and I want to become an affiliate and tell folks about it…”

Lisa Michaels  

This is Lisa Michaels from Lilburn, Georgia. And honestly, since taking your workshop, I’ve created two websites with just a tiny bit of help from assistants that I’ve actually trained from what I learned from you. And one of my website was 57 pages and 6 blog posts in just a little bit of time and that’s NaturalRhythms.org And then I created one with 25 pages, MagdaleneMysteries.com

I’ve never worked with WordPress before at all I had started your class, it’s fabulous. I would recommend it to anyone and I want to become an affiliate and tell folks about it because it makes a really big difference. And creating my own website is so much better than having a webmaster, even with the learning curve. This Thanksgiving, Christina, and it’s tomorrow, I’m thankful for you as a teacher.


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