It’s that time of year again! Elegant Themes is running a fantastic summer sale on Divi themes*. Plus, they’ve just launched their Divi AI, and it’s on sale too.

I use the Divi theme for many of my websites, and Divi Extra is the magazine version of Divi that I use here on my blog website. Divi is flexible and robust – it can do a lot of things. Plus, Divi offers layouts you can use to help you build your website. 

Right now, Elegant Themes is having an awesome sale of 20% off. If you’ve considered trying the Divi theme*, now is the time to buy.  

Picking WordPress Theme

One of the most exciting parts of building a WordPress site is choosing a theme for your website. Your theme determines the layout and design of your site. There are hundreds of WordPress theme options, so it’s important to remember the 6 Things to Ask When Picking a Theme

Since I teach WordPress, I’m always looking for great themes for my business and Website Creation Workshop students. Your WordPress theme should be easy to navigate and implement. Many WordPress themes are difficult to customize, too complicated, and not intuitive.

I prefer flexible themes *and* easy to use. For that reason, I love Elegant Themes’ Divi theme*. 

Divi definition

Divi Features

Divi has done a great job bundling many useful features in a simple, user-friendly interface. In addition, Divi users can customize the appearance and function of their site in many different ways. Here are a few of my favorite Divi features:

  • It can be used on regular websites, membership sites, sales pages, and more.
  • The Visual editor allows you to build your site while seeing its appearance in real time.
  • 100% mobile responsive.
  • The library feature makes it super easy to duplicate sections to other pages or sites.
  • Pre-made layout templates help you start a new site easily and quickly.
  • Intuitive for WordPress novices and experienced web developers
  • Great documentation! They provide ample tutorial videos for you to familiarize yourself with Divi.

Divi* is very customizable, making it possible for each user to create a unique look. 

Divi Theme Examples

Many Website Creation Workshop students choose to use the Divi theme. While there is a steeper learning curve than other themes, students are very happy with the professional look of their Divi websites. Here are a few examples of Divi websites created by students in the Website Creation Workshop. 

sylvia galletta website Barb Ostapina Website Jenni Ivins Website

Divi’s ‘Extra’ Theme

I also use a “magazine-style” version of Divi called “Extra” on the Website Creation Workshop blog. It’s perfect for blog-focused websites and online publications because it allows you to showcase your posts in various ways. If the main purpose of your website is blogging, check out Elegant Theme’s Extra theme

website creation workshop blog front page

The New Divi AI Tool

And finally…Divi just rolled out a new AI tool! Divi AI is similar to ChatGPT and other popular AI programs. However, it works entirely within the Divi theme. You don’t need to open another AI program, type in a prompt, edit the content in a different program, and copy and paste the text into your web pages. It has streamlined the entire process of using AI to help write web content!

According to the Elegant Theme’s website:

Divi AI can write content and generate images for you right inside the builder. Since it’s integrated directly into Divi, it has unique insight into each Divi element. We provide Divi AI with context about your website and the page you’re working on, allowing it to generate contextually-relevant content with the acuity of a professional writer and the skill of a digital artist!

This AI feature doesn’t automatically come with a purchase of the Divi theme. It’s an add-on for an additional price. However, to celebrate the launch of Divi AI, they’re offering 20-40% off right now for a limited time. 

Watch this video to learn more about what Divi AI can do:

On Sale for a Limited Time!

All Divi products are on sale this month, including the Divi theme, Extra theme, and Divi AI. Don’t miss this opportunity to get Divi at a discounted price. Go here to purchase:

If you already have Divi and want to upgrade, go here:

Divi Banner

*Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. And if clicked and purchased, we may receive a small compensation for the recommendation.

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