One of the most flexible and exciting features of using WordPress is Plugins! According to, there are over 59,000 plugins (as of this writing). But if you’re not a developer or coder, how do you know which ones you need? In this webinar, learn the top 10 plugins every website needs and why.
In this free training webinar, Christina Hills will walk you through, step-by-step with lots of visuals, the top 10 plugins you need for your WordPress website and how to properly evaluate any plugin. You’ll also learn the exact steps to take when a plugin gets “stale” and how to detect that. She’ll also talk about her WordPress community that you will want to become a part of.
Attend this non-techie session and walk away with a solid understanding of the wonderful world of WordPress plugins!

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So, watch this FREE webinar, where Chistina Hills will teach you about the  Top 10 WordPress Plugins Every Website Needs and Why.

On this webinar, you will learn:

  • The top 10 essential plugins you need for your WordPress website and why you need them.
  • How to evaluate a WordPress plugin and determine if you should install it on your website (or not).
  • The exact steps to take when a plugin goes “bad” so your website is up and running quickly.
  • How you can get additional WordPress coaching in Christina’s community.
  • Plus, Christina will answer your questions about the top 10 plugins live on the webinar!



Access your free webinar training here

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