Many artists/photographers/designers carry a “portfolio” with them when they see a prospect. A portfolio typically showcases the best samples of your work – your artwork, photos, product packaging, etc. thebestthemes.jpgso that your prospects can actually see your style and samples prior to deciding if they will want to hire you.

Over the past several years, artists have started showcasing their work on a website instead of carrying around a physical portfolio. That allows people to see work samples more easily. It is also expanding the market immensely… An artist’s portfolio could now be easily viewed by anybody in the world where Internet is available!

So, what is a “Portfolio” Site?

The websites with the main purpose of displaying the portfolio is called “Portfolio Site.” Although there is no solid definition of “portfolio site,” here are the typical characteristics seen in a portfolio site:

  • It’s not a technique; it’s just a way to display your content pictorially.
  • Visuals are the main focus. You don’t typically see a whole lot of text that accompanies it.
  • It displays images in some kind of grid form so that multiple images are shown on the screen in a very organized way.

Do I Need to Use a Special Theme for a Portfolio Site?

There are many excellent themes that are suitable for a portfolio site, and using one of those is the quickest way to create a portfolio site in most cases. Here are some themes that I think would work great for a portfolio site:

Premium Themes

  • Modern Portfolio Pro* from StudioPress is a nice one (See it in action at
  • Divi* from Elegant Themes comes with “portfolio module” that makes it easy to insert your portfolio images anywhere in your site
  • Many InkThemes‘* themes offer Gallery page that can be easily used as your portfolio page

Free Themes

Can I use a Plugin to Make a “Portfolio Page”?

Yes! If you don’t want to change themes to a portfolio theme, take a look at these plugins to see if any of these will do the job for you:

Plugins for Portfolio Pages

Or you may want to utilize one of the image gallery plugins for this, too. (Here is my post on Image Gallery:

Well, the possibilities are endless… Find something that you like and start showing off your work to the world!


*Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. And if clicked and purchased, we may receive a small compensation for the recommendation.

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