What do Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Katniss Everdeen (from the “Hunger Games”) all have in common?

They are considered “Heroes” and they have all been down the “Hero’s Journey” path as they face their demons,  conquer their fears, and overcome challenges on their mission. They are obviously all different in many ways (different background, gender, age, etc.), but I recently saw this YouTube video by Matthew Winkler which beautifully illustrate that our popular fables all share one thing: This  “Hero’s Journey.”

Watch this short 4 min animated cartoon to see what I mean:

The “Hero’s Journey” story of how many fables throughout the centuries follow this story pattern  was made famous by Joseph Campbell’s book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” written in 1949. You see this video illustrates that “Journey” can apply to all of us!  As entrepreneurs we are all going on our own “Hero’s Journey” conquering our monsters and pushing forth into territory that is unknown to us. Building an online business can feel like this sometimes.  Especially if you are new to becoming an entrepreneur, and new to building your website.

This little video above is a great reminder that we, too, can be heroes by accepting challenges and conquering our fears in every aspect of our lives.

Do you agree that Star Wars follows the “Hero’s Journey” pattern?

share your thoughts below…