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Website Creation Workshop Program

The Website Creation Workshop is a 1-year program with 4 months of live, online coaching that will guide you through the process of creating your own website using WordPress®. With easy-to-follow self-paced tutorials and your own practice “student project” WordPress website already installed for you to use, this hands-on workshop will empower you to take charge of your own website instead of being at the mercy of a webmaster. Step-by-step assignments, webinars, and an active Facebook group will quickly get you on your way to creating your website on your own terms.

This is a beginner-level program that is great for:

  • anybody wanting to create a website, or
  • those who already have a website (built by themselves or by others), but would like to gain a better WordPress foundational knowledge, or
  • people wanting to convert a non-WordPress site to a WordPress site.

Website Marketing Workshop Program

Do you already have a WordPress website? Are you ready to learn how to turn that site into a money-making machine, all by yourself? Then the Website Marketing Workshop Program is just what you need.

In this program, you will learn various ways to utilize your WordPress website to start attracting more new clients in just 6 weeks, without having to hire a web techie, a social media manager, or a copywriter.

This is an intermediate-level program that is great for:

  • people who have been through the Website Creation Workshop, or
  • people with an existing website and the foundational knowledge of WordPress, who want to learn more in order to improve their site. 

Create Your Course Workshop

Are you tired of trading hours for dollars? Are you ready to scale your business and impact more people? If you’ve ever thought about creating an online course or group training program, then this course is for you. The Create Your Course Workshop Program is a 6-month online workshop that will guide you through the process of creating your own online course.

With easy-to-follow, self-paced tutorials, step-by-step assignments, videos, coursebooks, workbooks, checklists, live webinars, and an active Facebook group, we will support you in creating your own online program.

This is a beginning-level program that is great for anyone who wants to expand their reach and grow their business with an online course.

Graphics Creation Workshop

Do you feel frustrated because you have images and graphics in mind you’d like to create but don’t know how to execute them because you’re not a graphic designer? Or do you work with a graphic designer but he or she takes too long?

Well, I’ve got the solution for you! Join me in the Graphics Creation Workshop. This is an online webinar training you can easily access from the comfort of your own home. There will NOT be any additional software fees; you will learn with all free tools.

You can even use this new skill to help your clients by making graphics for them!

Website Creation Workshop Club

For current or past Website Creation Workshop (“WCW”) students…

If you’re one of the many current or past students who want ongoing support around the topics covered in the Website Creation Workshop as they work to complete their websites and get them live, we have a special offer for you! Sign up for our exclusive monthly membership program, The Website Creation Workshop Club. The WCW Club will give you continuous access to the private Website Creation Workshop members’ area AND access to online monthly webinars that will help you confidently complete your WordPress website and get it live—all while going at your own pace!

As a member of the WCW Club, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted support — and a place to submit tech questions, strategy questions, or feedback requests within the members’ area prior to each coaching webinar. 

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