If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, you get excited when the creative juices are flowing!

However, there are other times when you may feel stuck because you just can’t figure out a solution or come up with an innovative idea to a problem you are having.

We often think that creative ideas appear suddenly, like a lightbulb turning on. Research has shown that’s not the case. 

A great idea will usually start out small and develop over a long period of time, even when it’s not in the forefront of your thoughts. If you’ve been pondering an idea inside your mind, but it hasn’t quite come to fruition, do not be discouraged or give up on that idea!   

This short, animated video can shed some light on where great ideas come from.

What I love about this video, is that you realize it’s OK to take a while to implement an idea you have. Furthermore, good ideas require time, space, and interaction to bubble to the surface and become expressed. They also need to connect with other ideas before they are fully developed.

That’s part of the creative process.

There is great benefit in sharing thoughts and ideas. It’s one of the reasons why I do live coaching webinars in my courses. Often, a student may get a breakthrough about their own business while we are discussing another student’s ideas or challenges. It was the missing piece they needed. 

So what good ideas are stewing on your back burner? 

What ideas are you wrestling with that may be missing a piece?

(this article first appeared in February 2012)

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