When building a WordPress website, it’s common to have a header image at the top of your site.  With most themes, this header image stays the same as you click around to different pages.  If you don’t know what a header image is, it’s an image that is in the top header area of your website.  See example below:

Header Image Example

Well in this post, I am going to teach you how you can have a specific header image on a specific page in your WordPress website.

You can accomplish this with an easy-to-use free plugin to instantly transform the look of your website’s header area.  To make this easy to understand, I created a video to show you how it works.
Watch this short 3 min video now:


In the video above, I demonstrate the Plugin: Display Header Plugin for WordPress, and below you will find the steps to implement it in your WordPress website.

Steps to Use the Display Header Image Plugin for WordPress

Here are the steps I explained in this video:

  1. Install the WP Display Header plugin on your WordPress site and activate it. (Don’t know what a WordPress plugin is? Read my post here.)
    • In the WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins – Add New
    • Search for “WP Display Header”
    • Install the plugin and activate it
  2. Add a new header image that you want to use for a specific page
    • In the WordPress admin panel, go to Appearance – Customize (“Customizer”)
    • Click on the Header Image (this might differ, depending on the theme. Just go to the area where you can add the header image.)
    • Click on Add New Image. Then either upload the new image you want to use, or select an existing image from your media library.
    • Crop the image when prompted.
    • Make sure the correct image is selected as the default header image, then click “Save & Publish” and exit the Customizer
  3. Specify the Header Image for a certain page or post
    • Go to the edit screen of the page/post you’d like the new header images to be displayed in
    • Scroll down to the new panel called “Header”
    • Select the header image you want for that page/post and update the page/post

That’s it!

You can even have a different header image for each of your web pages if you like!

Here are some header image ideas for you:

  • Your photo for the “About Me” page
  • A Group photo of your team members for the “About Us” page
  • A lively photo from your past events for the “Event” page
  • A photo of a phone or a mail for the “Contact Us” page
  • An image of a calendar for your “Calendar” page
  • Your product shot for your “Products” page
  • Different photos of you for each page

On a similar note, I recently wrote about how to have rotating headers for a WordPress website. It’s similar to this, but the images change randomly.  

Any other creative use of this plugin you can think of? Please share in the comment box below.

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