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Description: Photo of Jacky LowryThis site by Jacky Lowry, an artist and printmaker, is for people interested in fine art original handmade prints, especially collagraph prints. Images of Jacky’s collagraphs and print-based collages can be viewed on this site, and also purchased.


Photo of Jacky Lowry's Artist Site

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“I highly recommend the Website Creation Workshop!”

Jacky Lowry
I knew I needed a website, and started with a free website builder. But soon discovered that I couldn’t really understand what to do at the back end. I realized that if I wanted to build a website for myself (I couldn’t afford to have someone else do it) then I was going to need some tuition and help. That was when I found the Website Creation Workshop. Christina’s course seemed exactly what I needed.
And it was just right. I am so grateful that I joined up, because Christina Hills is an outstanding and patient teacher. The content of the course is broken down into carefully graded steps, with excellent instructional videos. What I couldn’t manage alone became completely doable, with useful, pertinent lessons, and excellent support from her team.
I am so pleased with my website. Best of all, I made it myself, and can change and adjust it as and when I like, without having to pay for it, or being at the whim of when someone else has the time.
I highly recommend the Website Creation Workshop!
Jacky Lowry