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Description: Photo of Carlene Szostak In Plan, Organize, R.I.P., writer and lecturer Szostak talks straight about what is needed to seamlessly close out the physical details of someone’s personal life. Since its publication, she has had numerous requests from individuals asking for help in creating, organizing and writing their own personal legacy plans. This website is designed to be an additional source and guide, jam packed with blogs, ideas and helpful hints on completing your plan. If you are looking for still more, we can work on your personal plan together. So, if you want to make sure your final sendoff is as you want it to be, this website is for you.

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“Now this is an accomplishment that I am very proud of!”

Technology…not my strong suit! Website design…was Greek to me! Plug-ins and widgets…new words to my vocabulary. When I took on the challenge of creating my website using Website Creation Workshop, I was apprehensive, at first.

BUT, the modules are designed in bite size segments with every question you could ask, or not even think of, already answered. The worksheets, videos and extra tools and secrets provided, took a previously scary prospect of designing my website to SUCCESS!

Now this is an accomplishment that I am very proud of…couldn’t have done it without Christina Hills and her team. Thank you!

Carlene Szostak