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Description: Positive Parenting – Motivating, Mentoring & Inspiring Greatness. On this site, you will discover some new insights and have a new awareness, both of which are which are essential to consciously practice the art of mindful parenting.

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Yvonne Wolo  

I was one of the original students who registered for Christina’s ‘Website Creation Workshop’ back in the spring of 2009. Boy did I do a lot of learning!!! As an alumni (returning student), I am still learning every time she teaches the course. I have been able to create multiple websites for myself and assist others. Christina’s program is well thought out, creatively arranged, and caters to all her students regardless of their level of expertise or lack of it (which was me in 2009). Christina is personable, approachable and helpful, always. That is because she is also growing and adding to her program all the time to make it better, for her students. Everything is carefully modeled and she is well aware of different learning styles, so there is something for everyone. She has PDF handouts, videos, question boxes, webinars and more. No question is ever gone unanswered, even if Christina has to research and learn it herself first! She is constantly updating her program, unlike other programs I have invested in. If you’re wanting to build a website using WordPress and learn way more, about business and marketing too, Christina’s Website Creation Workshop is the one for you! Good luck and hope to see you on board with the next class. I take it each time she teaches it. I’m back to tweak what I know and incorporate more. The program is fantastic! – Yvonne Wolo