Ever wonder how to embed a Google calendar into your website? To display upcoming events for yourself or for your community? I think the best way to do this is with a Google Calendar!
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There are many WordPress plugins to add calendars on your website, but I find that it’s easier to use a Google Calendar because I’m already using it for various purposes (ex. my personal calendar, my team calendar, and my program calendar). So it’s so much easier to just enter my events in my Google Calendar, and just display that information on my websites. That way, I don’t need to redo calendar events in another system.

Here is how to Embed a Google Calendar so it Displays on Your WordPress Website:

Method 1: How to Embed a Google Calendar Using HTML Code

This method of how to embed a Google calendar uses simple HTML code that you copy and paste. Even if you are not crazy about dealing with HTML code, you can simply follow the steps below to easily copy the code that Google generates for you and paste that into your WordPress website.

Step 1) Inside Google Calendar click the down-arrow next to the calendar you want to embed, and select Calendar settings.

Step 2) Copy the iframe code displayed in the ‘Embed This Calendar’ section. (Option: customize the color, size, and other options before creating the code).

Step 3) Paste this code into your website in the HTML editor of your Blog and hit PUBLISH.

How to Embed a Google Calendar inside WordPress

(More detailed instructions can be found here in the Google Calendar Help.)

Step 4) View Your Calendar on Your WordPress Website!

Here is an example of an embedded Google Calendar from my intermediate WordPress training classes:

This calendar has my class Webinars listed for the Website Transformation Workshop.  It’s a program where I teach you how to market a WordPress website to start attracting more new clients without having to hire a web tech, a social media manager, or a copywriter (for intermediate-level WordPress users).

Method 2: How to Embed a Google Calendar into Your WordPress Website Using a Plugin

If it’s important that you embed your Google Calendar into your website with a plugin, because you want a certain look, here are a couple of popular options.

All-in-One Event Calendar
This is a free WordPress calendar plugin that lets you display your events in various ways. While it allows you to create events right in your WordPress admin panel, it can also pull in your Google Calendar entries and display them, using Google Calendar’s feed. Both free version and premium versions are available.

Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin
You’ll need to go through a bit of a tech setup process to connect your WordPress site and your Google Calendar, but once that connections is made, your website will seamlessly show your Google Calendar and allow you to have various display options.

Did you know, Google provides some other cool tools that you can easily share or embed right on your website besides Google Calendar. Check out these other blog posts to learn what else you can do on your website using Google tools!

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(this article was originally published Nov 30, 2011)

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