My favorite time of the year is here… The Holiday Season! And that’s cause you can add fun holiday plugins to your WordPress websites ­čÖé

This is the season… Getting together with friends and family, listening to holiday music, buying gifts, checking out holiday decorations wherever I go, and reflecting the past year.

On top of decorating my house, I also enjoy decorating my websites for the holidays. With WordPress, adding a holiday season fun to a website is so easy with plugins, many of which are free! In the past, I’ve shared some of those holiday plugins, but it’s probably about time to share with you a new set of holiday plugins that I think are cool.

My top 5 Holiday Plugins for the 2017 holiday season!

1. Happy Snowman

Happy Snowman Holiday Plugins

This super-simple plugin will display a cute little snowman, jumping up and down on your site. It sure will make your website visitors smile when landing on your website!

Watch this quick 2 min video on how to get this Happy Snowman installed on your Website:

(This video is a clip from one of my training sessions in the Website Creation Workshop program)

Here is what it looks like on mobile.  So depending upon your mobile traffic, you may want to turn it off.  Currently there is no option to have it be off for mobile.

2. Christmas Panda

Christmas Panda Holiday Plugins

I shared this christmas decorations Plugin in a past blog post, and it still is one of the most feature-rich, easiest-to-use holiday plugins. This single plugin can add Christmas decorations to the top/bottom of your site, let snowflakes fall on your site, and have a holiday pop-up appear, too.

3. Christmas Music

Christmas Music - Holiday Plugins

What makes people instantly feel like a holiday season better than nice Christmas music? This little plugin allows you to play nice soft Christmas tunes on your site. It also allows you to specify the posts/pages for the music and also displays a play/pause button right on the site so that people can turn it off if they wish.

4. Christmasify!

Christmasify Holiday Plugins

Do you want to go all the way to make your website as Christmassy as possible? If that’s the case, you may want to look into this plugin. It can add snow, Santa, decorations, music and even a Christmas font!

5. Holiday Countdown

Holiday Countdown Plugins

Display a timer that counts down to Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Day, or any other special date on your WordPress site. You can customize colors, background design, borders, and more. As this plugin gives you a shortcode after you create your countdown timer, you can simply place it in any pages or posts you like.

(Note: In general, I advise people not to choose any plugins with low numbers of active users as that could be an indicator that the plugin’s quality is not that great. However, I wouldn’t worry about that much when it comes to holiday plugins due to their seasonal nature. I would still look at the rating, last update date, etc, before installing any plugins.)

And for an extra WordPress Holiday Idea…

Christmas Sweets WordPress Theme

Christmas Sweets Theme to go with your holiday plugins

This is cute, simple WordPress theme, already decorated with Christmas design! You may want to check this out if you want to build a holiday-focused seasonal website. You can change your theme up during the holidays, then switch it back after it’s done.

Do you do anything special to your WordPress during a holiday season? Please share!