Are you just starting out as a business owner? Or still trying out to figure out how online marketing works?

When I speak to people who are new to running their own online business, I see many of them are excited, but at the same time, very overwhelmed with all the things that come with that. And I get it. I’ve been there. In fact, I know most successful business owners were there at one point or another.

And I’m here to say that your success depends upon YOU never giving up!

I’ve worked with many people who are considered wildly successful. They are all very respected in the industry. And it looks as though they “got it all figured it out,” and are running their businesses effortlessly.

However, without any exception, I found them working extremely hard in the background, making mistakes, and pushing themselves all the time — just like many of us!

I recently found this “Iceberg Illusion” infographic by the very talented Sylvia Duckworth. With her permission, I am sharing this with you as I think this illustrates so beautifully what success looks like.

This blog post is for those of you who are feeling stuck or discouraged while building up a business… All the experiences you are going through right now are in fact setting you up for success in the future!