So you built a WordPress website. Great! Now, what’s the next step?

Many website newbies seem to think that once their website is up and running, people will automatically find it without you having to do anything else. Like, “If you build it, they will come.”

The reality is, building a website is just the beginning. You now need to market your website to drive traffic.

But no need to worry! As scary as this might sound, there are so many ways to achieve this, and once you get a hang of it, the work will get easier.

Here is a great infographic listing these 9 tips for your WordPress website or blog.  (See the 9 tips listed in text below the graphic)

The 9 Most Powerful Blog Promotion Tactics From Top Marketing Experts [Infographic]
Infograhic courtesy of: ReferralCandy

Although it talks about blogs,  many of these methods work even if you don’t use the blogging feature on your WordPress site (although I think you should be blogging or using the blog as your newsletter). Enjoy!

9 Most Powerful Blog Promotion Tips:

1) Your Blog’s Gotta Rock: Be helpful, be unique

2) Make Sure it’s Searchable: Do proper keyword research

3) We’re All Visual Creatures: Use images effectively

4) Relationship Matters: Build relationship and engage people

5) Know Your Target Audience: Understand your audience and match your content to their needs

6) Get Personal by Email: Connect at a deeper level with emails

7) Perform Targeted Distribution: Deliver relevant content to those who are interested

8) Maximize the Potential of Social Media: Strategically use social media for the best results

9) Make It Happen!: Ask yourself, “What’s the ONE thing I can do today?”

So which of these is your favorite WordPress promotion technique?  Put your comments below

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