You may have heard the term “Call to Action” before, but weren’t quite sure what it meant or how it applied to you. Well in this article I’ll explain what it means and why it’s important for your business. In addition, I’ll give you ideas on how you can improve your website so that it has a clear “Call to Action”.

Your Website Visitors

When visitors come to your website, what do they do? We like to think they spend several minutes poring over the home page. Then, they probably click on your about page to virtually “meet” you. Finally, they visit your services or products pages, examining each offering in detail to decide if you can meet their needs.  

This is how many website owners envision the process. After all, we’ve spent hours perfecting the home page, bared our souls on the About Page, and polished our Services/Products pages so they are clear and compelling.

The Truth…and I’ll Make This Quick!

Nope, sorry. The scenario above is imaginary. This is not how the average user interacts with a website. So, what really happens when someone lands on your website? First, they don’t want to have to think too hard

According to Steve Krug, author of the book Don’t Make Me Think

“What they actually do most of the time (if we’re lucky) is glance at each new page, scan some of the text, and click on the first link that catches their interest or vaguely resembles the thing they’re looking for. There are almost always large parts of the page that they don’t even look at.”

And how much time do they spend glancing, scanning, and clicking? Not minutes…Seconds! That’s why it’s important to have a prominent Call to Action on each page.

What’s a “Call to Action” (also known as a CTA)?

A “Call to Action” is a phrase or prompt that encourages (i.e. “calls”) the visitor to take a specific action.  It’s often referred to as a CTA for short. It’s one of the most important parts of the website because it gives the visitor an actionable next step.  And, because you’ve made your “Call To Action” simple and obvious, it’s easy for them to follow the directions and proceed in the direction you want them to go. i.e into your marketing funnel.  

Why Do You Need A “Call to Action” (CTA)?

What’s the purpose of your website? Is it to build relationships with potential clients and ultimately grow your business? Then having a clear “Call to Action” is essential to your success! Here’s what an effective Call to Action can help you do:

  • Gain clarity on the overall purpose and goals of your website
  • Gain clarity on the purpose of each page on your website
  • Keep your visitors on your site longer by making it clear where to go next
  • Grow your email subscriber list
  • Build a larger social media audience
  • Convert visitors to leads and then customers
  • And ultimately increase sales

The average time a visitor spends on a webpage is 54 seconds, according to the Contentsquare 2021 Digital Experience Benchmark report. As a result, you have a very brief window to grab their attention. 

Try One of These CTAs

CTAs can vary in size, shape, design, text, and placement. Most importantly, your Call to Action should be clear, straightforward, and obvious on each page. Here are some effective CTAs.

  • Book a Discovery Call/ Free consultation
  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Share this on social media
  • Leave a comment below
  • Read more articles on this subject
  • Schedule a free consultation (“Call us on the phone”)
  • Download this free gift
  • Start your free trial
  • Enter to win
  • Click here to learn more
  • Sign up for one of our programs

Final Thoughts

Giving your website visitors clear directions on what to do next will help grow your business. One way to lead your visitors, and start building a connection with them is through a clear and obvious Call to Action. Remember, website visitors are there for a brief time, and they don’t want to think too hard. Consequently, your Call to Action must stand out among the other text and images on your web pages.

There’s no one-size-fits-all for Call to Actions. Your CTA will depend on your business goals and website design. You can start small, with a simple link.  Your CTA doesn’t have to be a fancy button or opt-in for a free gift. Although those are great if you are feeling ambitions! The easiest way to start is to encourage your visitors to leave a comment on a blog post.

Leave a message here to let us know what kind of Call to Action you have on your website!

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