There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when you run out of blog post ideas to write about.

There are couple of solutions to this problem:

You can hire someone to come up with ideas for you or hire someone to write the content for you.

These are good solutions. However, you can also write the content yourself. You just need a little inspiration. so here are five ways to get great article and blog post topic ideas.

Here are 5 Ways to Write Great Blog Posts:

#1 Grab a magazine and Get Inspired

Grab a magazine from your coffee table or from the newsstand (yes some places still have newsstands). It doesn’t even have to be a magazine in your industry. Just about any magazine will do. Now take a look at the cover. Write down the headlines as they appear. Chances are they’ll look something like this:

  • The __ secrets to ____
  • Learn how to _____ today
  • ___ tips to ____

Once you’ve written down the headlines, replace the keywords with your own. Fill in the blanks. If there are ten headlines on the cover of your magazine, you now have ten articles or blog posts you can write.

#2 Jump onto social media

Jump on a social networking site (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) and read posts in your industry. Visit the websites of your industry’s gurus and read their latest posts and information. Chances are you’re going to find many content ideas. (however, you don’t ever want to take someone else’s content, that’s not good. Instead, use it as inspiration)

You may take issue or disagree with something someone said. That’s a perfect blog post article! You may think that a topic needs to be expanded upon. You may read a comment on a social networking post that is the foundation of an article. Social networking sites are packed with content ideas. You just have to be clever and look for them.

#3 Read your own blog and review the comments

Read your own blog and review the comments. Skim past the ones that say “Thanks for the information.” Those don’t offer any value to you right now. Instead, look for the questions or the meaty comments. Those are ideal for inspiring content ideas.  Your readers will tell you through their comments what’s important to them.

#4 Read blog comments on other industry sites

Read blog comments on other industry sites or special social media groups.  Often these comments are enough to be an article or blog post all by themselves. Just polish it up and format it for the web and you’re good to go. If the comment or forum post is short, expand on it. Use your feedback to create article and blog content on your website.

#5 Make a “Top 10” list for your readers

Make a list for your readers. Lists are easy to make and they’re very popular. It could be a “Top 10” or “Top 5”, whatever works for you. If you’re struggling to find content ideas, write down three to five list ideas and tackle them one by one and create a list for your readers.

Article and blog post ideas are out there just waiting for you to find them and write them. With a little creativity and inspiration you can turn an unmotivated writing session into a productive afternoon.  And when you have some blog post articles, do read my other post on: planning your blog posts

Leave your ideas on writing great blog posts below in the comments!

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