Remember sitcoms in the 70s…

Remember shows like “Happy Days”? Shows that were popular and that had popular characters that recurred on screen frequently?

Sometimes, networks spun them off and created a new show with those same characters.  For example: “Happy Days” spun off the popular show “Laverne & Shirley”!

So why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you because I’ve taken all of the graphics training in the Website Creation Workshop and spun it off into its own course called the Graphics Creation Workshop!  I have been developing graphics training materials for people who are not trained as graphic designers but want the ability to create graphics themselves.

Watch this short clip below that explains this concept visually…

So, do you have any ‘spin-off’ programs you can create?  Think about your own course offerings… are there some parts of your courses that are very popular and could stand on their own?

Well, this one is, and I also created it because I wanted to create an easy, affordable course for you, and I am super proud of this new one!

The Graphics Creation Workshop teaches you how to create your own cool, professional graphics even if you aren’t a designer.  You don’t need to know anything about art or design. I will show you how to create graphics like the ones on the enrollment page that some of my students have created.

You will learn how to find free or low-cost images for your graphics.  You will learn how to create and edit graphics with many pre-made designs from professional designers.  You will learn how to size and resize your images for Social Media or your website.  You will learn basic color theory to understand how to create good color combinations.  And you will have fun while you do it!  There is a short training video here which goes over what is covered.

This new program is designed for people who:
 – have a website already
 – are in the process of building a website
 – or do not yet have a website

It’s created for anyone!

Find out more and watch the video here:

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