browser extensionOne of the great things about building an online business is that there are variety of tools out there that can help you to be productive. Many of them are even free! I’m finding, though, that many people are not even aware that tools are available at their fingertips. One example is a “browser extension.”

What is a browser extension?

It’s like a little application that runs on your Internet browser that allows you to easily and quickly do various tasks. In the video below you will see an example of how to install a browser extension, in this case the extension called “MeasureIt.”  You will see it installed and then demonstrated how to use it.

The “colorzilla” extension lets you easily know what a color of something is on a web page So simple and easy!

List of Various Browsers and Extensions:

As mentioned in the video above, extensions are available in most major Internet browsers. Here are the browsers many of us use along with a link to the page where you can find extensions for your favorite browser.

Google Chrome
Released by Google in 2008, Chrome has quickly gained popularity among Internet users and is now the most widely used Internet browser in the world. Deeply integrated with other Google services, it allows easy access to other Google tools. This is the browser that powers Google’s Chromebook, a laptop that’s meant to let you handle all tasks via Chrome only without any other software.

Here is where you can find extensions for Google Chrome:

Firefox is another popular Internet browser. Developed by the Mozilla Foundation in 2002, it remains as a free, open-source software. As of now, it’s said to be the second most popular Internet browser in the world. Due to its open-source nature, it seems to offer more flexibility than Google and Safari in terms of available extensions.

Find Firefox extensions here:

Safari is Apple’s signature Internet browser, released in 2003. It’s mainly used by Mac OS and iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) users. (Its Windows version is no longer available.) It boasts a simple and elegant design meant for easy and fast browsing.

Safari extensions for a Mac desktop can be found here:

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft recently replaced Internet Explorer as its default browser. It integrates with Microsoft’s features like Cortana (personal assistant like Apple’s Siri) and OneDrive (cloud data storage and sharing).

Go here to find available extensions for Microsoft Edge:

Some extensions occasionally interfere with the browser performance, so you don’t want to go crazy with extensions. But when you start using an extensions that help you with your frequent tasks, you’ll see you can get your job done much quicker!

Do you have any favorite extension? Please share in the comments below.

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