Clubhouse is the hot new social media platform right now. It’s an audio-only platform, so it’s unlike anything else that’s out there. It’s called a Social Audio App. 

I know what you’re thinking. Another social media app?! If you’re like me, you’re trying to spend LESS time on social media, not MORE. However, hear me out. Clubhouse is very different from the other platforms, and it’s worth checking out. 

This new social media app is great for people who are auditory learners. There’s also an attractive simplicity to Clubhouse because you aren’t bombarded with images, text, opinions, memes, or comments. 

In this 8 minute video, I’ll give you a quick introduction to the new social media platform Clubhouse.

A Different Kind of Social Media Platform

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc focus on visual communication – images, text, articles, and videos. 

Clubhouse is different from that: It’s all live audio. The only image is your profile thumbnail picture, the only text is what you put in your bio, and the only links are the 2 links to your Twitter and or Instagram profiles. 

In addition, it’s all happening in real-time. You can’t scroll down to see old content or rewind if you missed something. You have to attend live to experience it. This makes it a very interactive, dynamic platform. 

What Can It Do For You?

Will you or your business benefit from Clubhouse? It’s an important question to consider. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can drive traffic to your website and connect you with potential customers. What can Clubhouse do for you?

As of April, 2021 , Clubhouse already has 10 million active users. That’s with it being by invitation only. And it’s growing fast with it now being open for Android users as well as iPhone. 

Clubhouse is another way to get in front of people who may need your products or services. It’s a tool to connect with people who are interested in the same topics and ideas that you are. 

It’s a way to build relationships and network with people. If you’re comfortable with speaking, you can share your expertise and knowledge with others, without having to host a conference or start a podcast. Plus, you can learn from others who are further along the path you’re on. 

How Does It Work?

First, Clubhouse is an app for your phone (iPhone or Android). It doesn’t work on desktops or laptops. Now, imagine a phone, radio, and conference, all rolled into one program. That’s how I describe Clubhouse.


You can use Clubhouse to have a private conversation with only a few people at a time. 


Clubhouse is similar to live radio. When you turn on the radio, there are many stations talking about different subjects or playing different music. 

You tune into one station for a little while, listen to a song or what they’re talking about, and then switch to another channel. If you go back to that first station, you’ve missed what has happened while you were channel surfing. 

Clubhouse works the same way. There is no pause or rewind button. There are no recordings available. If you leave because you have to do something else, then you’ve missed what’s going on. 


In addition, some Clubhouse rooms are like a conference-style meeting. Many of the rooms are dedicated to discussion of a particular topic. You can have a panel of experts or leaders, you can have multiple speakers, you can do question and answer with the audience. So in that way, it’s similar to attending a conference.

Four Types of Clubhouse Users

In the video above at min 3:10 you will see me explain the different ways to use Clubhouse. And you can participate on different levels, depending on the room. You can be:

  1. A quiet attendee who’s just listening in
  2. An attendee who asks a question
  3. A speaker 
  4. A moderator

Clubhouse “Rooms” & “Hallway” Explained 


What’s great about Clubhouse is that there are all different “rooms” you can visit, depending on what you want to listen to. In some rooms, it’s a few people talking. In other rooms, it’s a panel of experts. There are rooms that just play music and other rooms for networking. So, there’s something for everyone on Clubhouse. 


Hallways are areas where you can see all the rooms. Imagine that you’re at a conference at a large convention center. You walk down the hallway, and there’s a sign in front of each room that says what that session is about. 

Based on the topic, you may decide to join that session or choose a different session. A “hallway” in Clubhouse shows all the rooms that you can join and what’s going on in each. 

How To Set Up A Clubhouse Account

To set up a Clubhouse Account, go to the App Store on your phone. 

clubhouse app screenshot

Search for the Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat app and install it on your device. 

You can’t do this on your desktop or laptop, only on your phone (iPhone or Android)

Once you open the app, you’ll see a welcome screen. You’ll see a button at the bottom of the screen to ‘Get your username’. 

Even if you don’t have an invitation, you can still go ahead and reserve your name. That way, when you do get an invitation, you’ll be ready to go with the name you want. 

Once you receive an invitation from a friend via text, you’ll be able to complete the process of joining Clubhouse.  

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