One of the things I enjoy most about what I do is meeting entrepreneurs building amazing businesses – authors, coaches, artists, healers, and everything in between. I love taking entrepreneurs through the journey to building the website of their dreams and seeing how it impacts their business. In this article, I’m showcasing 5 fabulous Feldenkrais practitioner websites.

When people sign up for the Website Creation Workshop, they want to take control of their most important marketing tool – their website – and need some training and coaching. Many want freedom from their web designers’ hefty fees. And they want to be empowered to do it themselves.

What is a Feldenkrais Practitioner?

A Feldenkrais practitioner is a professional trained in the Feldenkrais Method, which aims to improve movement and posture through increased self-awareness. They guide individuals in exploring gentle movements and body awareness exercises to help identify and overcome physical limitations and discomfort. This method often addresses issues like chronic pain and mobility challenges. Feldenkrais practitioners help people move more efficiently and comfortably by fostering greater mindfulness of their body’s movements.

Here are 5 Fabulous Feldenkrais Practitioner Websites

These Feldenkrais practitioners completed the Website Creation Workshop and built fabulous websites that reflect their unique services. I hope their stories inspire you to do the same!


Katherine Wieseman

Katherine Wieseman Website

Katherine Wieseman, Ph.D., GCFP, is an educator with a passion for learning and more than four decades of teaching experience. From her first passion in science teaching and learning (also the field of her Ph.D.), she is now immersed in neuroplasticity and somatic education. In addition, she is passionate about sharing the Feldenkrais Method(R), a powerful learning system for self-improvement, personal development, and wellness, with curious and eager individuals to live to their potential capacity.

Here is what she said about the Website Creation Workshop…

“With deep gratitude!”

What I thought might be a months-long project to redesign and update my website morphed into a year-long endeavor of twists, turns, backtracking, and pauses. The result – a site that brings me pleasure! I know that I will continue to tinker with my website.

I am very appreciative of the longevity of support offered by Christina Hills and her dedicated team, the Facebook group options for community and support, and the breadth of resources offered in the Website Creation Workshop. With deep gratitude!

Katherine Wieseman


Lindy Ost

Lindy Ost Website

Lindy Ost uses the Feldenkrais Method for recovery, transformation, and understanding of one's body and movement to allow a greater sense of ease and comfort and overall confidence and competence in adjusting to life's circumstances.

Here is what she said about the Website Creation Workshop...

“It truly is transformational!”

Thank you Christina and the Website Creation Workshop team for providing comprehensive guidance, coaching and support to go from newbie to accomplished website creator. It truly is transformational!

Lindy Ost


Anna Ginzburg

Anna Ginzburg

Anna Ginzburg is a Feldenkrais practitioner and physiotherapist who works with people struggling with anxiety, depression, life transitions or new adjustments, relational stress, and various post-traumatic experiences. She provides necessary directions and encouragement to maintain a stable readjustment and recovery space. Learning the Feldenkrais Method® helped her put pieces of her life puzzle together, and she desires to preserve this practice as a tool for achieving everyone’s infinite Okeyness.

Here's how the Website Creation Workshop helped her...

“With Christina’s beautiful holistic approach to teaching, I was able to figure out what do I want and love the result.”

I began this course without any knowledge about WordPress and with no clear idea how my website should look. With Christina’s beautiful holistic approach to teaching, I was able to figure out what do I want and love the result.

Anna Ginzburg


Marg Bartosek

Marg Bartosek

Marg Bartosek believes much of what is commonly accepted as age-related decline is not inevitable. Instead, it results from poor movement habits, non-use, or misuse in how we sit, stand, walk, and otherwise move through our day. She offers live classes and online audio lessons to teach people how to change their movement habits to move with greater ease and vitality. The result . . . feeling better and moving younger.

See below about her experience in the Website Creation Workshop...

“I learned to think more like a techie.”

Building a website, especially one with the many aspects I’ve included in mine, was a huge challenge for me. Christina and her team have put together what can feel like an overwhelming amount of specific videos and information. However, the step-by-step process, the regular webinars, and the accessibility and patience of the team to answer questions through the Facebook group make it possible for even those with limited technological confidence to build a website they can be proud of.

I also learned to think more like a techie, to stay calm, to stop and come back later and to search out answers on my own, despite the significant time involved. These skills and the confidence they give me are additional valuable benefits of the Website Creation Workshop.

Marg Bartosek



Sara Certini

Sara Certini Website

Sara Certini, a Feldenkrais practitioner and physiotherapist, works with individuals who want to participate in their healing process consciously. She helps people through individual sessions or group lessons, guiding them on a transformational path from a painful and uncomfortable situation to improvement and wellness.

Read what she says about her experience in the Website Creation Workshop...

“I am really proud of the work I did!”

I can say that I was very skeptical about the possibility of being able to build my website by myself, because not only am I new to technical things, but I also consider them hostile. I must say that the course is perfectly structured, because Christina guides you step by step in understanding and putting into practice everything you need.

The tutorials are divided in a capillary way and the explanations are clear, the Facebook group is supportive and the support team is very efficient, the response times are really short. I found the support I needed. Moreover, the program is designed so that we can proceed organically and we always have the feeling of moving forward. I am really proud of the work I did!

Sara Certini


Are You Ready to Create Your Own Website?

In this article, I've shared just 5 fabulous Feldenkrais practitioner websites. I have hundreds of other case studies on my website of other coaches, artists, healers, instructors, and others who built their websites, too. 

As a business owner, you must have a website that attracts clients and effectively showcases your services. Is your website drawing potential clients to you? If not, it's time to rethink your marketing strategy. In addition to serving customers well, your number one job as a business owner is letting other people know about your products or services. 

The Website Creation Workshop will teach you to develop and manage your website, even if you're a non-techie professional in the health and wellness industry. The Feldenkrais practitioners featured in this article had no unique website-building background. They had a desire to learn and bring their dream website into reality. 


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