In my Website Creation Workshop, I have students from various industries and backgrounds. Today, I’d like to feature some of my artist students who built fabulous websites after going through my program.

In the past, it wasn’t necessarily easy for artists to share their work with others. People had to go to a physical location to view them, or learn about the artist through physical publications. But now, they can put their creations in front of people around the world using their websites. They can even sell their work right on their websites, too!

Another thing I love about the websites built by artists themselves is that their creativity and originality really come through their website designs. Just look at these websites, and you’ll see what I mean!

See Examples Our Artist Student’s  Websites in WordPress:


Mona Salminen


Julie Schofield


Ric Helstrom


Laura Gasparrini


Joan Jakel

You can do this too for a fraction of the cost of what a web designer would charge you when you enroll in the Website Creation Workshop

…Even if you’re a non-techie artist or aspiring artist.

The artists who created the above sites do not have any special website-building background. They can now show off their artistic creations to the world using the websites they built by themselves!  And they can sell from their website too.

Interested in doing the same for yourself? I can help you in my Website Creation Workshop!


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