What does a hypnotherapist, an artist, a plumber, an executive coach, and a weight loss coach have in common?

They all took my Website Creation Workshop and built fantastic websites by themselves, using WordPress, without hiring a webmaster!

Each of them is an expert in his/her own field, not in building websites. In fact, most of these people had never touched WordPress before taking my course. Just look at their websites below. You’ll be inspired to get started on your own website!

carolyn lewisCarolyn Lewis – Hypnotherapist

Carolyn Lewis has been a Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner since 1997.  She helps people change negative habits, deal with fears, and overcome health challenges through hypnosis and EFT Tapping. 

I am so happy to now have the ability to continue making small or big changes to my website when I want to. It was worth every penny and every hour I spent on it!” – Carolyn


carolyn lewis website

Read more about Carolyn and Carolyn’s website here.

Jacky LowryJacky Lowry – Artist

Jacky Lowry is an Australian artist and printmaker.  Her website shares information about printmaking and showcases her original handmade fine art prints available for purchase.

“Christina and the team have always been wonderfully supportive, and I have appreciated the help I received!” – Jacky


Jacky Lowry website

Read more about Jacky and Jacky’s website here.


Luisa BruzgaLuisa Bruzga – Weight Loss Coach

Luisa Bruzga is a Transformational Weight Loss and Health Coach. Her proven system helps people transform their body and mind to achieve permanent weight loss.

“I highly recommend Christina’s Website Creation Workshop. Individuals who have reviewed my site were amazed I created an inviting website as I am not a tech-savvy person.” – Luisa


Luisa Bruzga website

Read more about Luisa and Luisa’s website here.

Tomas NaniTomas Nani – Executive Coach

Tomas Nani is a successful executive coach and speaker with over 30 years of business experience. He helps his clients achieve their goals faster, become better leaders, and improve work-life balance.

“Your course has been very informative and helpful. I feel like I have a strong working knowledge of WordPress!” – Thomas


Read more about Tomas and Tomas’ website here.

John PhippsJohn Phipps – Plumber’s Website

John Phipps created this website for Brockmire Plumbing Services.  Brockmire is a leading expert in plumbing diagnostics, repair, and water filtration.  

“The Website Creation Workshop provided me with the knowledge and skills to create, update and backup this site as well as others. I recommend the WCW to any non-techy type individual looking for a good website without getting ripped off.” – John


John Phipps website

Read more about John and John’s website here.


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