I meet all types of students in my Website Creation Workshop who are building fabulous businesses. Quite a few students come to me from the healing and well-being industry. In this article, I am showcasing 6 wonderful websites of healers that were created in the Website Creation Workshop. 

They want to gain the skills and confidence to develop their website and need some coaching and encouragement. They’re looking for freedom from web designers. And they want to be empowered to do it themselves. These entrepreneurs thrived in the course and ultimately built beautiful websites that reflect their unique businesses. 

I hope their stories inspire you to do the same!

6 Wonderful Websites of Healers

Sandra Jenvey

Sandra Jenvey Website

Sandra Jenvey has a WordPress website that offers practical support for people facing challenges. It uses Natural Bioenergetics™ to identify and restore the body’s energetic system. The website provides online consults, recipes, stress-release techniques, and bioenergetic approaches.

Here is what she said about the Website Creation Workshop…

“I have gained skills and confidence in designing my own site!”

Christina and her team have finessed the tricky balance between challenge and encouragement through an on-line platform allowing for even the most technically-challenged entrepreneur to be successful with developing their own website. I have gained skills and confidence in designing my own site – and now maintaining it — all while having fun! I’m so glad I found you when I did.

Sandra Jenvey


Kirsten Hope

Kirsten Hope Website

Kirsten Hope offers energy healing and alignment to help with various ailments such as anxiety, depression, vertigo, migraine headaches, hormonal issues, back pain, eyesight issues, diabetes, fertility issues, and emotional and mindset issues. She helps reconnect her clients to the life-affirming Source Energy and their unique Divine essence, which heals spiritual, emotional, and physical pain.

Here is what she said about the Website Creation Workshop...

“I wanted a sense of freedom with my website!”

I initially signed up for your class because I was sick and tired of being trapped by templates and/or designers. I wanted a sense of freedom with my website. I wanted room to grow and change my mind without it costing me an arm and a leg every time I did so.

Prior to taking your class I had no idea how websites worked, and felt very uncertain I would actually finish the class. I thought it would be like other online courses I’ve taken where I start out strong, get frustrated, then peter out in the end. I could not have been more wrong!

Not only did I design a website I (still) love but I now run a website design company doing this for others who either don’t have the desire or time to do it themselves. And of course, if they do have the time or desire I encourage them to sign up with you!

Kirsten Hope


Reba Linker

Reba Linker website

Reba Linker of AtoZ Healing Space believes there are many paths to healing and growth. AtoZ Healing Space offers various services and modalities to find the one that resonates with you. They believe we are all connected, even though we may be unique individuals. We are on this journey together and can support each other.

See below about her experience in the Website Creation Workshop...

“I highly recommend The Website Creation Workshop!”

I’m so very grateful to Christina Hills and her fantastic team for empowering me to create and manage my website. Her explanations are clear, up to the minute. They provide not only of the necessary technical information, but also a nice dose of encouragement and strategy as well, which makes it possible for even a technophobe like myself to accomplish this project.

In addition, the structure of her course and continued support allowed me to go at my own pace, which was absolutely necessary for me. I highly recommend The Website Creation Workshop!

Reba Linker


Jennifer Regular

Jennifer Regular Website

Jennifer Regular is a transformational author and intuitive guide who empowers empaths during their reckoning to reconnect with their soul purpose. She offers a free discovery session to help you start on the next safe step to heal from emotional wounds and bring your life back into alignment.

She loved the Website Creation Workshop... see below

“I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to get creative and build a website!”

I was so intimidated and overwhelmed by how I would create a WordPress site on my own until I attended Christina Hills’ free webinar on how to, “Easily Create A Beautiful Website In WordPress, Even If You Hate Technology!”. I signed up for the Website Creation Workshop that same day and feel so grateful to the team’s support and step by step instruction.

It was so great to have a course program that catered to “non-techies” like me and I learned so much beyond just “building a website”. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to get creative and build a website, as it is very comprehensive and covers everything you would need to know. There are also live webinars that offer a chance to ask any questions you might still have after going through the modules. You really can’t find anything better than that!

Jennifer Regular


Leanne McClain

Leanne McClain Website

Leanne McClain is a Transpersonal Healer and Cellular Release Specialist. She is the sole owner and proprietor of The Art of Evolved Living, which empowers people to heal from traumatic experiences using spiritual experiences. 

Read what she says about her experience in the Website Creation Workshop...

“I had a ton of fun creating my own website, and making it exactly what I wanted!”

I had a ton of fun creating my own website, and making it exactly what I wanted. The Website Creation Workshop made it very doable, in bite-size pieces.

I know SO much about the back end of a web site, and how to make it beautiful. I will be creating other web sites too. I never would have been able to create something so personal, without this class.

Leanne McClain


Kristen Rosenberg

Kristen Rosenberg Website

Kristen Rosenberg is a holistic healer and practitioner whose mission is to help people heal chronic symptoms naturally and inspire them to live healthier lives.

Here's what she has to say about the Website Creation Workshop...

“I love my site and I’m thrilled that I know how to update it and make changes myself!”

I’m so thankful for Christina’s Website Creation Workshop course. Before the course started, I was nervous as a non-tech person that the process might be too much for me to handle. But, that wasn’t the case! Christina breaks down the steps of building a website into easily digestible bite size video chunks. I appreciated the visual instruction which made it much easier to grasp new concepts and implement them on my own website. And, the detailed “to do” checklists for each course module kept me on track and clear about what tasks I needed to complete.
Over a few months, I slowly, but surely learned how to build a fully functional website! I love my site and I’m thrilled that I know how to update it and make changes myself. In the past, I paid hundreds of dollars to someone else to build a site for me- and they basically took my money and left me without a website. Never again! Now, I can manage the aesthetics, functionality and content of my own website and that is worth every penny. A huge thank you to Christina and her team!
Kristen Rosenberg


Your Unique Website

These 6 wonderful websites of healers show how professionals can use the internet to connect with their audience and promote balance and wellness. Each website is as unique as the business owner and the services she offers. 

A website will be your consistent, foundational marketing tool regardless of industry. It'll be one of the ways that potential clients find you. Is your website sending a beautiful, hopeful, inspiring message like these?  If not, we can help. 

The Website Creation Workshop will teach you to develop and manage your website, even if you're a non-techie professional in the health and wellness industry. These individuals showcased didn't have any unique website-building background. They had a desire to learn and bring their dream website into reality. 

Already have a WordPress website?  Check out my Website Marketing Workshop Program.


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