I’m super excited to share this success story about one of my recent students, Cristina Crawford. She created a beautiful website in the Website Creation Workshop for her therapeutic massage and wellness business. 

Ms. Crawford is a native of Spain and a classic entrepreneur. Her passion lies in the health and wellness area, and she’s launched a variety of businesses – from yoga studio to doula and midwifery services. These days, Ms. Crawford is a successful Licensed Massage Therapist and Transformational Life Coach.  

From Her Past Website Woes…

Building a website for her various businesses was always a struggle. Many years ago, she tried to learn WordPress on her own to build a site for her Yoga studio. It was a disaster (in her words). As a result, she switched to Weebly to build her next site. While Weebly was initially practical, it was very limited.

Finally, she traded services with a web designer to complete one of her many sites. However, it didn’t turn out as she wanted and the experience was very disappointing.

…to A Leap of Faith to Learn WordPress with Christina Hills

Frustrated over not having the look and feel she wanted, Ms. Crawford decided to enroll in the Website Creation Workshop last spring. Ms. Crawford wrote, “I want to be able to update my content, make changes, and have a site that’s alive and expresses who I am.”

She jumped right into the course. Although, she did have some hesitation and fears. “I had already spent so much time, energy and money on my websites and still didn’t have what I wanted,” she recalls, and she took that leap of faith with Christina Hills.

From an Inspiring Vision…

From the outset, Ms. Crawford knew what she wanted from her website. As a business owner, she had a vision of her ideal site. Above all, it was about how the site would make her visitors and clients feel.   

“I would love to have a website that transmits who I am – colors, vitality, energy, and movement. I love life and I want my clients to have that feeling. I’m very loving, caring and totally devoted to my people. I want my website to transmit that. I want my clients to feel cared for, loved, LISTENED to!!

I want a site that’s easy to navigate, simple but bold, clear and inviting!! And invigorating! I want to send a message of confidence, accountability, reliability, trustworthiness. A place where your dreams are safe and ready to build up!”  – Cristina Crawford

…to a Beautiful New Website!

I love Ms. Crawford’s goals for her website. Over the following months, Ms. Crawford used the Website Creation Workshop to build her dream website. Then, in November 2019, her new website  www.floatingswan.com went live to the public. 

screenshot of www.floatingswan.com


Now, she has the skills to make all changes to her website herself, from minor adjustments or total overhauls!  In addition, she knows how to build websites for her other businesses too if she wants. 

“I received much more than what I paid for and I’m so happy that I decided to invest in this course. I finished a beautiful site following all that I learned with Christina Hills and am on my way to finish two more sites!!” – Cristina Crawford

Our Support = The Key to Her Success

Ms. Crawford learned that she needed some help. Creating a beautiful website is so much easier when you have someone to guide you through the process, sharing expertise and encouragement. That is what we do in the Website Creation Workshop. We come alongside you as you create your own website that reflects who YOU are!

A Great Investment

Ms. Crawford made the decision to take control of an essential part of her business – her website. She’s thrilled with how her site turned out, and she’s saving herself thousands of dollars. Besides that, she can easily keep it up to date. With the Website Creation Workshop, you too can build your own website, exactly the way you envision it.

“I am so, so happy I decided to invest in this course!”

WCW Program is easy to follow, from complete beginners to advance techies. Comprehensive and definitely a gem to build any website someone wants. I received much more that what I paid for. Christina Hills’ weekly live webinars are extremely helpful, she is a thorough teacher and very knowledgeable.

Her support team responded to any inquiries promptly and nicely. I am so, so happy I decided to invest in this course. I finished a beautiful site following all that I learned with Christina and am on my way to finish 2 more!!! Thank you WCW team 🙂

Cristina Crawford


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woman jumping for joy


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