Today, I’m excited to share Jessica Malloy’s website transformation in the Website Creation Workshop. Jessica is an intuitive wellness educator and practitioner, as well as an ordained minister. Her website, The Sacred Healer, was released a few months ago, and she’s thrilled with the final outcome.

I’m very excited to re-launch my business with a brand new, gorgeous, professional website at the same time I announce that I have a new physical location for my Integrated Wellness Practice. It’s wonderful how it has all come together. I’m feeling very grateful and couldn’t be more enthusiastic about what you have provided for me!” – Jessica Malloy

Her Business: The Sacred Healer

The primary goal of  The Sacred Healer is to uplift and empower people to experience true health, wholeness, and authentic self-expression. Using spiritual healing arts, aromatherapy with clinical psychology, and other holistic modalities, Jessica helps create the conditions which promote healing to occur within you and propel you on your highest life path.

For Jessica, the color choice on her website was an important aspect. She loves colors and wanted ones that looked good and complemented each other. They needed to convey healing, inspiration, and beauty.  

“I absolutely LOVE color and using it to my preference and pleasure is extremely important to me. I want the aesthetic of my site to be uplifting and inspiring just like my services are and my content will be. My website and business are about authentic self-expression and my site needs to nail that FOR ME.” – Jessica Malloy

If you’re struggling to pick colors, read my article about how to use a fun free tool,, to generate designer quality color palettes.

screenshot of The Sacred Healer home page

Overcoming the Technology Hurdle

For Jessica, as with many of my students, the technology component of building a website was overwhelming. Have you ever felt that way? Do you want a beautiful website, but don’t have thousands of dollars and don’t know who you can trust to build what you want?

I had my domain names for a few years, but I felt terrified to talk to a web designer. I felt very intimidated by anything technical. I didn’t have much money to pay a web designer, and had no idea how to communicate what I wanted to a web designer. I really had no idea what options were available to me or where to start. I was afraid of being taken advantage of, losing money and being dissatisfied because I was so completely clueless about website design and maintenance. – Jessica Malloy

One of the great things about WordPress is that it can be as simple, or as complex, as you want it to be. Jessica was terrified of getting lost in the technical language and tasks. But that’s not our approach at the Website Creation Workshop. We make it simple and encourage a kinesthetic approach. 

“I think there’s no doubt that Christina’s “jump in and get your hands messy”, learn by doing approach is a huge part of the fun and fulfillment for me. She has made something I was terrified of – techie web stuff – very approachable and even enjoyable!” – Jessica Malloy

Freedom and Control With Her WordPress Website 

Jessica is thrilled with how her new site looks. In addition, she loves being able to edit or add to the website herself, without paying a web designer.  

“It’s so incredibly satisfying and fulfilling to have this kind of freedom of control in designing and building my own website. I’m absolutely delighted to have my beautiful website and the knowledge of how to maintain, modify, tweak and update it whenever I want. This is an incredible accomplishment for me!” – Jessica Malloy

An Added Benefit to taking the Website Creation Workshop 

In addition, Jessica discovered an unexpected benefit of building her own website. She gained a creative outlet that she hasn’t had in many years.  

“I haven’t had enough artistic/creative expression in my life for DECADES while my focus has been on my 4 kids. I love, love, love the Website Creation Workshop, and all it’s opened up for me. The fact that it is serving my passion and profession while filling a creative void in my life is a mind-blowing bonanza!” – Jessica Malloy

The Website Possibilities are Endless

Jessica didn’t stop creating once her website went live. She’s continuing to work on it, adding blog posts and images. She’s now in my Website Marketing Workshop, which focuses on more advanced topics like Email Marketing Integration, Selling From Your Website, Refreshing and Renewing Your Site, Content Creation, and SEO. 

Everyone’s website journey is unique. The Website Creation Workshop coaches you through the process, every step of the way.  

Christina is a fantastic teacher who speaks in teams I can relate to. She made the intimidating tech stuff feel approachable and doable for me. With Christina’s clear and compassionate teaching style, she made my website building experience fun, creative, and exciting! I feel so amazed, happy, and fulfilled to have my website live for the world to see! It is an incredible accomplishment for me to come this far after being unable to move forward with getting my own website due to overwhelming tech and web design fears! I am so grateful to Christina and her wonderful Website Creation Workshop team! I can easily maintain my website on my own and make changes to it whenever I want with the foundation of knowledge and skills gained by joining Christina’s Website Creation Workshop. It was a HUGE win for me! – Jessica Malloy

If you’re just getting started with building a website, go here to learn about the next Website Creation Workshop.


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