My Website Creation Workshop students come from a variety of backgrounds. They’re coaches, consultants, speakers, healers, freelancers, artists, and more. Most have their own businesses. Others are looking for a creative outlet to record their personal thoughts, passions, and life journey. Always, their website reflects who they are.  

Today, I’m sharing a beautiful site that one of my students, Jenna Tierno, created. Jenna Tierno is a health coach and energy healer. She’s also an artist and is working on an e-course on raising healthy children.

Introducing Her Website: Journey Through Grace

Her new site is rich with vibrant images. On her site, Journey Through Grace, Jenna blogs about wellness, nourishment, beauty, and art. She seeks to inspire her readers to keep reaching that high place in their lives that brings them joy and greater fulfillment.”

When we asked Jenna what her goals were at the beginning of the course, she said,I want to create a site that is artful, fun, colorful, and entertaining.

Jenna tierno's website

Jenna’s finished website

Tackling the Technology Obstacle

Like many of my students, Jenna was overwhelmed by the technical side of building a website. It had been an ongoing roadblock and she was ready to move beyond it.  

“Like most internet users out there being tech-savvy is not number one on my list. I got tired of not knowing. And I realized that part of my reasons for not succeeding online was because it was just too much of a mystery.”

“I never could have imagined how I would feel finally having completed the Website Creation Workshop. Working through all my nervous fears was made less of an uphill challenge because of Christina and her amazing course.”  – Jenna

Discovering the Website Creation Workshop

Before joining the Website Creation Workshop, Jenna had tried to build a website by herself. She was totally confused. Plus, she didn’t consider herself techie. The Website Creation Workshop gave her the skills and confidence to build her own inspiring site.  

“That’s when I discovered Christina’s workshop. Here was an opportunity to put all my fears to rest. Don’t get me wrong I was still just as scared but I was willing to plunge in the deep end if by chance I came out on the other end victorious.

And guess what? I did! I envisioned a beautiful site and that’s what I was able to create, thanks to the Website Creation Workshop. It almost felt like a miracle that I was able to pull it off.”  – Jenna

Jenna’s Early Versions of Her Website:

Here is an early screenshot when she was starting out in the Website Creation Workshop:

first design stage of her site for Jeanna

Jenna starting out in the Website Creation Workshop

Every person that takes my course is unique. They have different stories, different backgrounds, and different goals. Their website journeys look different too. Some get finished quickly. However, others, like Jenna, go at their own pace as they are discovering who they are on their website creation journey. There’s no one right way!  

“Now it did take me a little bit longer to complete the course but that’s the beauty of it. Christina teaches you to take your time, to keep calm, and to always move forward even if you don’t understand everything right away. If you build it will come. Never give up, that’s my credo. I always figure it out if I want to make it happen.” – Jenna

And here is another screenshot when she was going through the design process of picking a theme.  If you don’t know what a theme is read this article on the 6 things to ask when picking a WordPress theme design.

design in the second stage

Jenna’s site as she is testing out different theme designs


The End Result: An Artful, Inspiring Site She can Manage Herself!

Jeanna now has a website that she loves and that truly reflects who she is.  And she did this without having to rely on anyone else to do it for her!

Photo of Jenna Tierno“My goal and intention were to create a visually beautiful site and I believe I accomplished just that. Although my site changed many times, I was more than pleased when it finally came together. I would tell anyone that wants to have their own site to take this workshop and amaze themselves and see how easy it can be.

I created the site I envisioned. Every time I look at it it gives me joy and lifts my spirits. I can now approach tech with a feeling of empowerment, not fear. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting a site of their own. Go Be Creative!” – Jenna

Not only did Jenna build her own website, but she’s now moved on to creating her own course with my Create Your Course Workshop. This program teaches you how to take your expertise and build a fabulous online course. To find out more about the Create Your Course Workshop, go to

Front page of Journey Through Grace website

Jenna’s final site design

If you’re just getting started with building a website, go here to learn about the next Website Creation Workshop


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