Today, I’d love to feature a WordPress site that one of my students, Lori Geishecker,  has created. Lori is a consultant who helps people with their social media, but wanted to expand her services to include website building.

Now armed with the knowledge and experience she gained during the  Website Creation Workshop Program, where she continues learning more  about WordPress and Internet marketing, Lori is now offering website development  services to her social media clients.

lorigeisheckerHere is what Lori Has to Say About the Website Creation Workshop:

“Christina, when I started your Website Creation Workshop, I knew the bare minimum about websites and HTML…just enough to get myself in trouble. Now that I’ve completed the workshop, I’ve been able to offer website development to my social media clients as an add-on to my services…

I always remember your advice at each step: “Where am I and what am I doing?” These words kept me focused through each module in the Website Creation Workshop, and I still repeat them now as I work on new sites. As I progressed through the course, I also learned to skip and return to areas that presented roadblocks, while at the same time continuing to layout the design and content of my site. Now I know enough about the concepts to eventually figure out the details of whatever is holding me back…without stalling my creative process.

Loved the class, love the WCW Club! Thank you!!!”

Lori is currently working on building 3 more sites, including one for her business. I’m really looking forward to seeing them!

See Lori Geishecker’s site in our Student Site WordPress Examples area and you can read her full testimonial here.

If you are ready to create your own Website with WordPress, you can sign up for the Website Creation Workshop program here


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