I’m excited to share with you a recent Website Creation Workshop student and the enthusiastic person behind it. Meet Maria Lesetz: a Law of Attraction Happiness Coach.

She teaches her clients to ‘Color Their Life Happy’ by helping them release worry and constant negative self-talk. Her clients learn how to pivot their thoughts and feelings to the positive, especially in times of adversity! She’s a Personal Trainer for your mind, helping you navigate life’s bumps with ease and manifest your greatest desires and dreams.(You can see other coaches who took my WordPress training program on my examples page for coaches)

Introducing…Maria’s New WordPress Site

“Maria’s new site – ColorMyLifeHappy – is vibrant, colorful, and oozes with happiness. Just like her! It was hard work, but worth it in the end. Her website is exactly what she wants. She can update it easily, and she’s saving hundreds of dollars on web design.  

“It’s my new website that I designed all by myself – no web designer, no graphic artist, no copywriter – just me — doing it all! That’s what I have been up to the past 5 months (along with coaching my fabulous clients)!” – Maria

Maria Lesetz New Website

Maria Lesetz New Website

“I felt SO empowered designing my own site and am thrilled with what I have created all on my own.

I am so jazzed and grateful for what you have put together in this workshop, Christina! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Maria

What Maria’s Site Looked Like Before…

Maria didn’t know WordPress before taking the Website Creation Workshop. She had a clunky HTML site. However, she was determined to build her own website herself! She didn’t let negative thoughts of failure get in her way. She’s had too much experience with helping others get rid of that kind of mindset!  

Maria's old HTML site

Maria’s old HTML site that was hard to update

“I had no clue how I was going to learn how to design a WordPress site myself, but I knew if I claimed it ahead of time that all the steps would unfold beautifully. And it did!!” – Maria

Your Website Should Reflect YOUR Brand!

It’s a common theme for many of my Website Creation Workshop students. You have a vision of the way you want your website to look. It’s not just about communicating information to your visitors. Perhaps your web designer/developer created it and just didn’t get your vision. You want your clients and prospective customers to “feel” a certain way when visiting your website too. 

It’s frustrating when your website doesn’t fit with your business or the brand you’re trying to convey. 

How She Got Started with the Website Creation Workshop

In early 2019, Maria was ready to make a change to her site. Her business was growing, and it was time that her website evolved too. She wanted to ditch her antiquated HTML site and move on to something nimble and with increased capability. 

“I’d been saying that I wanted to redesign my main website (which was an HTML site) for many years, but never felt that any web designer was really going to capture the essence of what my brand is. In addition, the estimates to redesign my site were astronomical in price! 

This past year I created my Best Year Yet Plan (a tool I have many of my clients create at the beginning of the year) and on that plan, I put “Design my own ROCKIN’ & LUCRATIVE website! I also knew that ONLY I could capture the essence of what I offer my clients, the vibe of what I want people to feel – no one else could do that for me.

And what do you know? As soon as I claimed it vibrationally, I had an email message from Christina Hills, who has been teaching people WordPress for a long time, and BAM – I signed up for the class and learned how to do it all on my own – so empowering!” – Maria

Does Your Website Reflect You?

Are you happy with your website? Does it bring you joy and represent your business?  If not, think about setting a big goal for 2020 to build a “ROCKIN’ & LUCRATIVE website”, as Maria did.  

“If anyone wants to learn how to create their own website, I highly recommend checking the Website Creation Workshop out. Signing up for Christina Hill’s Website Creation Workshop was the best business investment I have made in the 18 years that I have been an entrepreneur!! Thank you, Christina Hills.”  – Maria

screenshot of Maria's facebook testimonial

Our next Website Creation Workshop program starts in April 2020.

Click here to learn more about how you too can build a website on your own, that reflects who you are!

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