Before Jackie joined the Website Creation Workshop, she was paying someone else to do her website. She knew it was an important piece of her business, but she didn’t have the experience to do it herself. Sound familiar? Most small business owners can relate to Jackie’s dilemma. 

Jackie is an award-winning Disaster Preparedness Specialist. Through her business, Survive-It, Jackie shares valuable information about how to prepare for natural disasters. Last year, she completed the Website Creation Workshop and launched her new website

Taking Charge of Her Website

Outsourcing her website wasn’t the pain-free and exciting task she thought it’d be. The process was frustrating. The final product didn’t match up to the way she wanted it to look. Plus, she couldn’t make updates or changes herself – she had to wait for her designer to make changes. 

Jackie joined the Website Creation Workshop to learn how to create a new website – one that matched her vision and that she could update herself.

If you told me 6 months ago I would be designing and managing my own website – I would not have believed you. For years I had people manage my site and they never got it quite right and it was too expensive to keep having them make those changes to get it right. Now, I have a website I love and I can make changes and keep it current without the huge cost of paying someone else.

The Website Creation Workshop helped Jackie accomplish her goal of taking control of her website.

Helping People Through Her Website

Jackie created her website to help people make sure their families and pets are ready for any disaster that comes their way. She knows how important it is to prepare now. Once disaster strikes, it’s too late.

Jackie’s website includes powerful images, video interviews, helpful free resources, and information about her services. She plans to expand her website to include a twice-monthly blog and educational videos.

jackie kloosterboer survive-it homepage

Continuing Her Website Journey…

Jackie has moved on to my intermediate class, the Website Marketing Workshop, and here’s what she has to say…

With Christina and her team’s help and support, I now have a website that works for my business, a website I am proud of, and I no longer pay anyone to do the work. This was one of the best decisions I ever made. I love to see the surprise on my family and friend’s faces when I tell them I created the site – I am not a technical person. 

Thank you, Christine and Team! You’ve all been fabulous and the training and support from the FB Group have gone over and above what I could have ever imagined. Thank you and I am looking forward to managing my own website.

To learn more about Jackie and her business, Survive-It, you can check out her amazing website here:

Our next Website Creation Workshop program starts in just a couple of weeks!

Click here to learn more about how you too can build a website on your own, that reflects who you are!

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