From time to time, I share websites that my Website Creation Workshop students; they are so inspiring I want the world to see them! Today, I’d like you to meet Laura Gasparrini who recently completed my Website Creation Workshop Coaching Program!

Laura is an artist, edu­ca­tor, coun­selor and inventor. She has been teach­ing the Art of Bead­work for over 15 years and cre­at­ing jew­elry since child­hood. Today! in 2013 in 2013

She is the prin­ci­ple designer and owner of Om Tara and cre­ates Inspired Adorn­ment and Tal­is­mans for women. Laura is the inventor of the Easy Crimp™ Crimping Pliers and the developer of Om Tara’s line of precision beading tools. When you see Laura’s simple, but very well-thought-out creative home page, you’ll instantly know what she does. The company name, heading, eye-catching image… Everything is so concise and effective. We tend to want to cram so much information in our websites, ending up confusing site visitors. Go visit Laura’s site and you’ll know she first had her customers and prospects in mind when designing it. A great example of user-friendly website!

Laura-gasparinni Here is what Laura says about her work: “Peo­ple say my work makes them feel empow­ered, con­fi­dent and beau­ti­ful. Whether I am design­ing a piece, teaching a class or work­shop, developing a tuto­r­ial, or coaching a Jew­elry Artist, my intention in all that I do is that we rec­og­nize and cel­e­brate our unique beauty and purpose. Om Tara and Inspired Adorn­ment con­tinue to expand as I explore and dis­cover my own cre­ative expres­sion; both are infused with the com­pas­sion, hope and expan­sive love a mother feels for her child a reflection of the beau­ti­ful seed of pos­si­bil­ity expressed through each of us.” …and here is what Laura Has to Say About the Website Creation Workshop: “The workshop delivered far beyond my expectations… I now have a direction, a great foundation and the confidence to move forward with a bigger vision for my business. …I could not have asked for a better mentor and teacher… Throughout your course, I felt held, supported, guided and inspired; I felt safe to leap forward and listen to myself. I look forward to learning more from you in your future offerings! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

See Laura Gasparrini’s site in our Student Site Examples area here. To see more fabulous WordPress site examples of my students organized by category, go here. Leave a Comment Below…

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