Check out what one of the Website Creation Workshop students, Susan Sullivan,  has created!

Susan wanted to expand her services to include WordPress expertise to update and maintain her clients’ websites and blogs. Since Susan’s own website needed a total re-design, she decided to take the Website Creation Workshop course to learn WordPress from the ground up.

Susan Sullivan Site


susansullivanHere is what Susan Has to Say About the Website Creation Workshop:

“… what you did for me in this course, first of all, you took the scary out of it because all I was thinking about was how big this was and how much I had to know and how technical it was. And even though I do a lot of technical things for my clients it just seemed like an elephant to me.

And the Website Creation Workshop course is really just a series of baby steps. I was able to stop thinking about how much I had to learn and just focus on what was in front of me at the time and just watch the 6 minute video and practice and check it off my list and then go onto the next one.

I completely relaxed into it and I gave myself permission, you gave us permission to jump over things we didn’t understand. Normally that would have kind of discouraged me and stopped me. So that really helped me because I didn’t worry about it. Your teaching style is great. The pace of your voice is awesome, you speak slowly and it just worked for me. So really I loved it, I really loved it!

She especially enjoyed the focused videos that stepped through each function of WordPress and the opportunity to ask questions. Susan said this course took the “scary” out of website design and was fun! She now feels trained to keep her website fresh and provide website maintenance services to her clients.

See Susan Sullivan’s site in our Student Site WordPress Examples area and you can read her full testimonial here.

If you are ready to create your own Website with WordPress, you can sign up for the Website Creation Workshop program here


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