Here is a testimonial I got from Tina Cook, a student in the fall 2009 class:

photo of Tina Cook

Tina Cook

The huge value for me is Christina knows WordPress, Shopping cart, AWeber … you name all the best online systems and services, and Christina knows them thoroughly AND, most importantly, is the only person that I know that teaches you how to integrate them so, within a relatively few weeks, you can master these new skills and open your new website doors!

Because Christina is so knowledgeable, the learning curve is shortened. She researches the newest and best, and is always introducing you to easier ways as the technologies are evolving so does her course content.

Christina is very generous, there is a vast wealth of tutorials and resources to experiment with and explore. All the webinar classes are recorded so you can watch them in your own time or watch again and again. ALSO when you enroll for her workshop, you can repeat the next course as an alumni. This is fabulous as we all learn at different paces and juggle keeping our existing businesses successful while adding new services via our new websites.

Christina’s love for what she does and the ease with which she generously shares her expertise make her classes a wonderful learning experience. I look forward to meeting you there too.

Thank you Christina!

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