If you ever wanted to know an easy way to crop your images for your WordPress website, well I have a great free tool for you! Just upload your pics, and you can crop them to fit your site.  You can also do a lot of other cool things with it too. You can add all kinds of effect, you can add text.  You can use this for your WordPress website, or any other place you may need some graphics. 

And the great thing is that it’s so easy you can do it yourself without a webmaster or graphic designer. It’s called PicMonkey!  Just go to http://www.picmonkey.com Click below for the video I made to show you how easy it is to take an image you have, and crop it to the size you want.  In the video I eyeball the size, but you can also put in the dimensions of the size of the graphic you want.

I made this short video (4 min ) to show you how:


(Note: PicMonkey is not longer free, but they have a free trial)

Just go to http://www.picmonkey.com Try it out and let me know what you think!

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