With WordPress, you have a lot of flexibility on how your site looks.  And as you work with WordPress, you learn different ways to customize your website so that it presents to your audience in the best way.  Well, in this video below I  demonstrates what the ‘More Tag’ is and how you would use it on your blog page (or home page)  to shorten long blog posts and put in a “continue reading” link or a “Read More” link to read the rest of the post. 

read more link tagThis improves the functionality of your site so that your visitors can see more of your articles on the homepage.  This technique only works for blog posts, it does not work for pages.   This makes the homepage of your blog more readable because you can break up long blog posts into 2 parts by adding the ‘Read More’ link.  WordPress does this as part of the standard WordPress software.  You do not need to add a plugin for this.

The Video (Length 6 min 22 sec) explains it the best, so just watch this video as I demonstrate what the ‘More Tag’ is and how you would use it on your homepage/category pages to shorten long blog posts.

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