It’s Christina Hills here, and I’ve just posted a a special video for you here at my blog (read on below to watch this special video tip).

Now I don’t know how much you know about making websites.

There are a lot of programs and tools you can use to create a website.

The tool I am going to teach you create websites with easily (without needing to rely on a webmaster) in the Website Creation Workshop is called WordPress.

Maybe you have heard of it. If you have, you probably have heard of it as free software for creating blogs.

But that’s not the whole story.

Yes, WordPress started out life as free software for making blogs.

But it has expanded in capability over the years to where now you can easily make any kind of website with it such as an online store, a coaching website, a brochure website, an online directory, a sales letter mini-site, and yes, even a plain old blog.

To give you an idea of just what I am talking about, I created this brief video for you.

Watch it now…


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