One thing that is really great about WordPress is that it it free.  And the reason why this is significant, is because it fosters a community of collaboration, as all the developers around the world are contributing to the WordPress world by providing us with solutions to our website needs in the form of Plugins and Themes.  Well this article is going to focusing on WordPress plugins.

Plugins allow everyone, even non-techie WordPress users,  to add various functionality to your website without having to learn codes and scripts. What a timesaver it is!

donate-plugin-crop2600On the top of that, we can enjoy using so many plugins for free, thanks to the plugin developers. Have you checked WordPress’ plugin repository recently (in layman’s terms that is the website)? As of this writing, more than 41,000 active plugins at are being offered without any cost to you.

Writing a plugin, is not something I recommend to anyone who is NOT a programmer.  But you don’t need to know how to create a plugin, because for almost any problem you might have, or functionality you might want, there is probably already a WordPress plugin for that. Many free plugin authors even offer online support to help out the users, also at no cost. When you sit down and think about how much time and effort these authors must be putting into these plugins, it’s pretty amazing that we get to enjoy them every day.

To honor those plugin authors, I have a suggestion for YOU… Consider making a donation to your favorite plugin author this week.

This is one of my favorite plugins that I just made a donation for:

Duplicate Post Plugin (
It’s an awesome plugin that makes it easy to duplicate a post/page so that you don’t need to create a new page/post from scratch.

Many plugins have a page within its setup page in your WordPress admin panel with a link to make a donation. Here is where the donation button can be found for the Duplicate Post Plugin:


Which plugin do you use a lot, and might you consider making a donation to?

One more thing…if you are interested in accepting donations on your website, or a WordPress site you are building for a client, you might want to check out this plugin: Give. It lets you take donations on your website. With this plugin, you do not need to go through the hassle of setting up a shopping cart in order to accept donations or payments on your site. Check it out here:


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