Whenever I start my Website Creation Workshop, I get many people are asking me if they should download WordPress to be ready for the class.

In fact, when you go to www.wordpress.org, you’ll see TWO buttons, both saying, “Download WordPress.” However…

DON’T DOWNLOAD WORDPRESS!! (can I say that any louder? )

That’s the hard way to get a WordPress website created! You see I’ve taken a lot of time developing a method to teach non-techies how to create a WordPress website the EASY way.

do-not-download-wpNo Downloading WordPress.

No FTPing WordPress.

Just simple clicks and it’s installed!

In fact, in my Website Creation Workshop, we take care of the WordPress installation for you on your practice WordPress site called “Student Project” so that you can start with the interesting part: “Creating Your Content”. The real stuff. The stuff that gets you prospects and customers. The stuff that makes you sales.

We start with the heart of any website: the words and pictures of what you want to communicate with the world.

You see, most technology courses start with the boring stuff: Installing the software. In the Website Creation Workshop, you will learn that toward the end of the program instead; you’ll see why this approach makes more sense once you start working on your website. Also, you’ll be learning the EASY, non-intimidating, quick way to install WordPress by yourself called “1-click install.”

The Website Creation Workshop is all about learning how to build a WordPress website in a non-techie way. More than 2,000 non-techie students have taken the program so far, successfully creating beautiful websites along the way!

When we are open for registration, join us in the class by clicking here, or the red button below

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