If you are familiar with WordPress, then you know that the design of your site, comes as your Theme.  The theme controls the look and the feel of your whole site.  the OptimizePress ThemeAnd the plugins add extra functionality to your site. But did you know that some theme companies make a version of their theme as a plugin?

Well yesterday we did a demo of this theme, The OptimizePress Theme, in my private club for my WordPress students.  And you will be amazed at how you can use this theme by itself, or as a plugin and not mess up what you already have with your regular site.

You see, many people have a WordPress site, with a theme that they really like.  But they want to add a “Landing Page” with an OptInBox to their site, or they want to add a “Sales Letter” page to sell their products to their site.  Well with the OptimizePress theme you can do that!

To find out more about this awesome theme, Click the Image below to watch the video:


This Theme will let you make Blog Posts, Landing Pages, Sales Pages, and Membership sites too! Everything to create a marketing funnel.

Here you see it in the dashboard as a Theme:

Here you see it in the dashboard as a Plugin:

Yes you can have it as a theme on one site, say a membership site you are building, or a site for your blog, and then you can have it as a plugin, when you just want to add a couple of pages to your site, but keep your existing theme.

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