Have you ever wanted to have rotating header images on your WordPress site, but didn’t know how?  You might have seen a website that displays different header images every time you refresh your browser or visit a different page within the same site.  It’s a pretty cool effect especially if you want to make your website look more interesting and less static.

Until relatively recently, most WordPress themes didn’t make it easy to add an effect like that unless you are pretty familiar with writing software code.

Well, it’s easy now!

Today, many of both premium and free WordPress themes offer a feature called “Rotating (or Randomized) Header Images.”  Basically, you add multiple images you’d like to use for your site header, size them properly, and WordPress will rotate those images every time the site displays.

How to Create Rotating Header Images in WordPress Video:

In this quick 4 min video below, I’m showing you how to add random header images in the Customizer by cropping different sections of the same image for subtle yet elegant effects.


You can do all of these tasks right within your WordPress Customizer, you do not need to add a plugin to get rotating header images. (And note that this is not an “Image Slider”.  I have a separate article on “What is an Image Slider” that you can read here. )

Needless to say, you can get pretty creative with this!  You can select related images for consistency, play with different colors, or totally go wild.

How to Have a Specific Header Images on a Specific Page/Post:

If instead, you want to display a specific header image for a specific page or a post instead, I got a solution for you.   There of course is a plugin that will display a specific header image on a specifid page or post. Just add this free plugin WP Display Header and pick a header image from your page/post editor and it will display the specific header image you want for that page or post.

Rotating Header Images Plugin

Hope my video above will give you some creative ideas that will work for your WordPress site.  Leave me a comment below.

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