WordPress makes it easy to build different types of websites for your business. I myself have multiple types of websites for different purposes. (Do you want to learn more about different website types? Get my “The 7 Most Effective Website Types For Your Business” here.

One of those website types I’ve been using heavily is “membership site.”

What is a Membership Site?

Is there anything you can teach online (and make money)? Do you want to share some contents on your site only with your customers? Or create a special community that accessible by certain people? You can do all that with a membership site!

I’m running multiple membership sites for my online programs such as Website Creation Workshop, Website Transformation Workshop, Graphics Creation Workshop, and more.

Most Important Function of a Membership Site

When you create a membership site, the most important thing you need to keep mind is to protect the content of the site from everybody except for those who you give access to. Your membership should not be accessed by search engines and robots, either. Even if you try to simply “hide” a website from search engines, it’s not good enough. You really need to take an extra step to protect the content you worked hard to create!

WordPress, of Course, has Membership Site Plugins!

There are various membership site plugins available for WordPress. They work as a “lock” for your membership site, preventing people and bots from accessing it without valid username and password.

Among all the membership plugins out there, it’s WishListMember plugin that I’m using on all of my membership sites. I’ve been using it for years… I think it’s still the most feature-rich, reliable membership plugin available.

Some of its features I love include:

  • multiple membership levels with detailed settings
  • content protection with various conditions
  • integration with major shopping cart/payment systems
  • sequential upgrade
  • reporting
  • great customer support

Here is their cool video that gives you an overview of what WishListMember plugin does:


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