When you create your website with WordPress, there are two ways you can do it. You can either build up the whole thing, and not tell the world about it until you are done. Or you can build it up as you go. Telling the world that you exist while you create your ‘pages’ and ‘posts’.

(If you didn’t catch my article  on the difference between ‘pages’ vs. ‘posts’ in WordPress you can read that now)

I prefer the ‘build it up as you go’ method!


Because it helps to keep you from getting stuck in ‘perfectionism’, and waiting till everything is ‘perfect’ before you launch!

Plus, if you put it out there to the world, you will learn more about your project/website, and that will move you faster to completion than if you did it quietly alone.

Well in the Website Creation Workshop, you are going to get the best of both worlds!

You will get a ‘Student Project’ area, I also like to call it a ‘Playground’, where you get to build your website without the search engines or the ‘outer world’ finding out about it. But all the students in the class will know about it. So this way you can interact with the other students, look at their ‘Work in Progress’ websites, get help from me on Workshop days, and have a community of people to help you along, before you release your website to the world.


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