“Christina, what calendar plugin do you recommend?”

I get this question all the time as many of my students are interested in using a plugin to show event dates or program schedule on their WordPress sites. And there are many calendar plugins with lots of features available out there, so it can be hard to pick one.

However, my answer to this question is, “You know, I don’t use a plugin to display calendars on my sites.

Yes, you heard me correctly. As much as I love playing with WordPress plugins, this is one area I’ve decided not to use a plugin. Instead, I embed a Google Calendar.

clubcalendar(The above example is from my Website Creation Workshop Club membership site.)

Here is why:

  1.  I only want to keep track of ONE calendar in ONE place.  I use Google Calendar for all my personal events, and my company events.
  2. It’s easier for other people to quickly add the calendar events to their OWN Google Calendar)

Embedding a Google Calendar works really well for anyone using Google Calendar for their personal calendaring. It’s easy to set up various Google Calendars for my different programs and to have them show up with my personal calendar in Google Calendar. All calendars are always up-to-date seamlessly and are helping me and my team to be more productive.

And here is the calendar for my Website Creation Workshop Club program (it’s a program for people who already have taken the Website Creation Workshop and ongoing coaching and support)

If you are looking for a way to show a simple calendar on your website, you might want to consider using Google Calendar as well. Check out this post to learn step by step how to embed a Google Calendar

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